Bungie Podcast: 01/27/10

Executive Producer Joseph Tung and Sandbox Specialist Sage Merrill step into the recording booth to sound off on Halo: Reach's development process, weapon loadout, and gameplay sandbox. Also up for discussion: blazers, beards, and Luke's busy weekends.


Here's the direct download link:
Bungie Podcast 1.27.10

You can also go to the Bungie Podcast Archive to download it to your iTunes!

Check out the Halo: Reach Project Page

Bungie.net has beefed up their once hollow project page that was made to give us out-siders a taste of the juicy goodness that is Halo: Reach! Once you click on the link below, you can look through, highly detailed concept art of the game, screenshots, renders, audio from the game (i.e. WEAPONS), trailers, brief summaries of the characters, vehicles, and weapons, etc! Check it out foo! :]

< Halo: Reach Project Page >

Halo: Reach Update!

Sorry for the looooong hiatus but now I'm back to give all you people a action-pack full of information on Bungie's next big game, Halo: Reach!

Here's some link's from the official site that can give you insight into the production of the game (and other stuff):

<Bungie Weekly Update: 01.29.10>


<Bungie Weekly Update: 02.05.10>


<Halo: Reach Rolls Into Fog City>


This information is worth the read for anyone who's interested about the game!

Bungie Podcast: 12/18/09

The Podcast is back!!! After nearly three months of wondering when they were going to have thereb next show, it finally came with the Weekly Update from Friday! Get some awsome and hilarious feed from the hard-workers of Bungie (WHAT! You don't know THEM! They're busting their butts making Halo Reach for crying out loud!). They give a little background about how their studio became the stuff (like how they went from Mac loyalists to becoming the backbone Microsoft's gaming console the XBox, and also there's some intel about their next big game Halo Reach!

So anyway, here's the link so that you can listen to it instead hearing (or reading if you want to get technical) me ramble on! CHECK..IT..OUT!!!

~(By the way, it's about 2 hours long but it's definitely worth it)

Bungie Podcast: 12/18/09 (in the archive)


Bungie Weekly Update: 12.18.09

Sorry for the hiatus but with finals, I needed to focus more on life, but I'm back and armed with some good ol' Bungie goodness!

I myself had been behind wuth keeping uo with Bungie's ''Weekly Upadates'' and 'm now just trying to finish reading their Update from yesterday

Here's the good stuff plus an all new podcast from the studio to wrap up the year with their fans and onward towards the new year of content in epic proportions!

~ Bungie Weekly Update: 12.18.09. ~