Welcome to the Sixth divison. I am the captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and if you wish to join, please PM Ichigo (Death's Strawberry about it.

Please enjoy your stay, and have a good day.


If you don't know what 'shrew' means, look it up.

A thought

The ability to take pen to paper and create something as inspirational as a story, a place to detach one from the monodrone of real life is a talent that I find incredible and commendable. The idea that mere words could invoke such a state in the mind is amazing. As We read the words and get swept off into an entirely different world, we forget our real life troubles. It is a state of dreaming while one is still awake, you could say.

But still, the ability to read and write that is so widespread today is something that is painfully underappreciated and taken for granted. I find so many stories with such potential, were it not for the writing. When did these fools who dare to call themselves writers learn that slapping together a few words in the most sloppy way imaginable is acceptable? Absurd. Will they ever learn the beauty of a few compound sentances and multiple pronouns? Perhaps. Regardless, the art of writing is dying. Not writing itself, but the art.

And it is such a pity.

The Thief

Continued From: The Beast Loose in Kurostuchi's Lab

Byakuya sifted through his paperwork reaching a hand out for his tea after a few minutes only to find out that it was cold. An eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he stood up to go and make some more. When and if Renji returned from that mission to the human world, the noble was going to skin him alive.

He set the kettle over the stove with a loud clunk, before reaching for a jar of Ginseng tea leaves. He heared the door creak open. Figuring it was just a subordinate, Byakuya tapped two spoonfuls of tea leaves into a strainer.

"Gruuu." And the sound of sliding fabric.

The shinigami turned around to see a three-toed foot and the edge of his scarf disappearing around the corner. He shook his head lightly and reached for his scarf, it was gone. He dropped the spoon onto the counter and shunpo'ed after the creature, he wasn't quite sure what it was and it had quite the disgusting reiatsu signature. Fast too, it was already down the hall and on it's way to the eleventh division.

Zaraki Kenpachi

To: Kenpachi Zaraki
CC: None

Subject: A request.

It would seem my lieutenant has gone M.I.A. If you are so bored, you can try to find him for me. And perhaps beat some work ethic into the fool, surely that will cure you of your boredom for at least a little while.


Byakuya Kuchiki.

P.S.: Yachiru is still sneaking into my house. Do something about it.

Ulquiorra VS. Byakuya

Ulquiorra stopped in his tracks before he could take even ten paces and turned around, "Do you need something?"

Byakuya sent the espada a shadow of a glare, "I could ask you the same, what are arrancar doing on the Soul Society?"

"I see no reason to tell you," Ulquiorra said, drawing his zanpakuto. Quickly, Byakuya shunpoed around the espada, attempting to drive his sword into the smaller mans back, only to hear the metallic clang of Senbonzakura meeting Murcielago.

The captain narrowed his eyes as the cuarta brought up a leg and swiftly kicked the noble across the face.

Byakuya immediatly brought up a hand to catch the kick, sliding back a few paces. He dropped his now bruised arm and raised his sword in front of him, "What is your name?"

Ulquiorra kept his eyed trained on the shinigami's sword, "Ulquiorra Schiffer, the Fourth Espada."

"The Fourth?" Byakuya repeated, "I see..." He closed his eyes, "Scatter, Senbonzakura."

Jade eyes widened as the captains sword dissolved into a thousand cherry blossom petals, filling the air with their sweet perfume and then so suddenly, so quickly they all shot towards him revealing their true nature. Calm facade still masking his inner shock, Ulquiorra brought up an ashen hand to cease the incoming flurry of blades.

"Futile," Byakuya murmured.

Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes as tiny papercuts bit into his hand. Realizing he could not block the blades, he sonidoed away. He appeared behind the noble, suddenly and swiped his sword across Byakuyas back, only to meet with a wall of petals. The espada backed away a few paces.

"I don't have time for this...." Ulquiorra murmured, quickly jumping to the roof of a building and feeling around for Yammy's spiritual pressure. Finding it, he quickly shot off in that direction.

Byakuya watched him go, allowing Senbonzakura to settle back into his sheath before walking towards the first division barracks to report the matter.