~"I'll Protect You"~

Again, I've made a song lol This one reads the story of how a boy falls for a girl and protects her as they grow up and become a couple. Enjoy~! ******************************************************************************* There was...

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~"You're My Everything"~

here's another song. Lol Wow, I've been making quite a few latley XD Well, this includes a guy and a girl singing it. It's reads out how much a couple likes each other and what not. Hope you like it =3 ***************************************...

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~"This Isn't Fair"~

Here's another song I've created. I'm still in the middle of fixing it. But I do like it and I hope you enjoy. This song is dedicated to the fallen troops and their families *******************************************************************...

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A Fantasy Poem

Here is a random poem I wrote about fantasy~

Walking through the trees
To see only what I see
And hear what I hear
To seek the realm
Of what lays here
The home of which nobody knows
The place of which no one roams
My sight within my eyes
Sees the invisible
And sees the impossible
If you were to see what I see
And hear what I hear
Then you would have experienced
The powers of what lays here
The powers which I behold
The powers which nobody else holds
The powers of great mystery
The powers of fantasy

~"What my heart wants to say"~

Here is a song that I have made a couple of days ago. I have finished fixing it up and I hope you like it~! The song has a story behind it, it tells how a girl had accidentally cheated on her boyfriend and she wants to say sorry etc. *******...

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