Hey there, I'm Scottie.. nice to meet ya.. Enjoy yourselves, and feel free to PM me, lol

Right outta bed, lmao


Lmao, I'm half Mexican, so give me things. XD

Actually, I don't even know if I would really be considered half Mexican? My mom was born in Mexico, and my grandma is full Mexican, but my Grandpa is Spanish.
Whatever, I've got the Mexican in me, I still get stuff, so GIMME. :)

Jk. I was listening to some of my music when my friend came over, turned it off, and put some loud Mexican band music on, yelling "IT'S MEXICO DAY!" I was like "Goddammit.. >__<"
Not that I care or anything.. But my neighbors already have Mexican band music playing all the time, haha. And I like music.. Like, from "ill nino" and "Moenia" I could name songs, but I don't feel like it, lol.
My friend is so slow. On his quest for music in spanish and put some on, it's fucking Portuguese haha XD Close enough, I guess

Feliz dia de independencia~ (My spanish is shittttt)


Damn, lol

I'm back, haha~ You know, it sucks. It's HOT and now I have to tolerate loud wanna-be music practice from next door. Lol, it's some kind of Mexican music. I should totally put on some loud ass death metal XD


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Vodka is cheaper
Than dinner for two

Happy Valentine's Day, Betches~

F Yeah

Remembered my password, lmaoooo


I'm bored as phuckkkk.... Lol, there were people giving out shit loads of pocket bibles to everyone.. So, at the cafeteria, there was a freaking bible fight. No kidding. People were THROWING bibles in the cafeteria at each other, lol, campus security had to break it up XD Though, I might be in trouble.. (Not because of the bible fight) I was in one of my classes and some dumbasses were acting up RIGHT behind me, it was freaking annoying.. At one point when one of them did something super retarded, I just yelled out stupid asses to them.. The room was kind of packed, so not sure if they know who said it.. XD I DO know they were asking around asking "Who the f*ck said that?" Sooooo... I'm gunna stay low on the radar and hope I don't get my ass whooped!