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The phone buzzed on glass bedside table, sending shivers through the wine glass that was placed beside it, still half filled with a sparkling rosé that had long gone flat. From the adjourning bathroom came sounds of a woman humming as steam curled through the cracked door. From the bathroom, the water cut off. Gulping down the last of the wine the man sitting on the bed stopped fussing over his collar, grabbed a white envelope marked in neat cursive, and put the phone to his ear as he left room. “Hello, Chase Adams speaking.”
“Hello Chase.”
The voice brought a fresh wave of excitement to Chase, though he passed it off as being buzzed. “A bit late to be making an appointment, isn’t it?”
“You’re card didn’t have hours.”
“At your earliest convince, please.”
Chase checked his watch. It was only 10 o’clock, an early night for him. He squeezed his temples, thinking of the great night of sleep he’d had planned, not to mention his policy not to work while still drunk off the last client’s wine.
“I have an unusually free evening tonight,” Chase said, “I can be there in 30 minutes.”
“Taking a cab?”
Chase wondered if he sounded that tipsy. “Yes.”
“See you soon.”
Chase slid the phone into his pocket and stuck his hand our for a cab. Several drove past before one pulled up to the curb. He hoped in the back, gave the address and leaned back into the grimy seat trying to sober up. 20 minutes later he was paying the driver and stepping onto the curb at the base of a nondescript apartment building at the edge of the city boundary. He stepped into the vestibule and pressed the buzzer marked “602: Turner.” With no questions asked, the door clicked open and chase stepped inside. His hand trembled slightly when he reached for the elevator button. His realized how ridiculous it was for him to feel so elated, but as he rode the elevator up to the sixth floor he couldn’t shake the feeling of nervous excitement. Again chase rubbed at his temples, amazed at his ability to act like a high school girl after a few glasses of wine.
The elevator doors creaked open and Chase stepped out into the hall of floor six and turned left. Without looking at the guide on the wall he passed a few doors until he came to a familiar wooden door, coated in cracked but inviting pale yellow paint, and stood slightly ajar as per protocol. Chase slipped through the door and into the cozy living room lit by warm, though slightly dim lamps. On the other side of the room the Chase saw a dark figure on the small balcony, face lit by the small flame of a lighter. Shadows danced over the planes of Aden’s face when a breeze caused the flame to flicker. Chase stepped through the room and eased open the glass door, letting in a strong smell of cigarette smoke.
Aden slipped his lighter into his back pocket, took a drag on his cigarette and looked chase over with a smirk. “Fun night?”
Chase grinned and fingered his upturned collar and half-tied tie. He hadn’t even checked the mirror - his hair was likely a mess. “It will be.”
“Your money is on the table by the door, if you have places to be in the morning.”
Aden stomped out the new cigarette on the cement and pulled Chase back into the apartment by the tie.

Chase’s nails bit into the sweat soaked skin of Aden’s back. The breath of Aden’s moan brushed over Chase’s ear. Aden pushed up from his elbows and pulled his lips away from the prostitute’s neck. Chase reached for his shoulders, trying to yank him back down but Aden grabbed his wrists and pinned his arms above his head. All Chase could think about were Aden’s lips, they way they parted with each breath, the way they felt on his skin.
“Kiss me,” He breathed.
Aden’s smirked and let go of Chase’s arm and pulled him up from the bed into his lap, but only lightly brushed his lips over the skin of Chase’s Shoulder.
“No,” Chase lightly tugged Aden’s chin up and watched his expression. Aden seemed only mildly surprised. Chase numbed his mind to the rational thought screaming for him to stop overstepping boundaries. The rest of this man was too sweet and Chase had been dreaming of the taste of his lips for two months. Suddenly Aden’s lips were a hair’s breadth from his own, hovering but not touching. This fucking tease, Chase thought as he leaned into the kiss.


Wrapped in the warmth of a down comforter and Aden Turner, Chase lay awake contemplating the line between reality and fantasy. There had been so many moments in the nights spent with Aden that Chase wondered if he was still just a part in a simple business transaction or if things had gone beyond “satisfaction guaranteed.” It had been nearly four months since Aden’s first appointment, two months since violation of the “Appropriate Level of Intimacy” and the “Privacy Policy” that Chase upheld without fail with clients of well over a year.
Chase rolled onto his side and breathed in the smell of Aden’s skin, still fragrance by the soap he’d washed with an hour prior.
“If you’re too restless, you don’t have to spend the night.”
Aden’s voice was thick with sleep, but not angry. Chase pulled him close to his chest, unsure if that was crossing boundaries in this no-man’s land he found himself treading, but Aden did not pull away.
“I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sorry,” he murmured into Aden’s back. Aden merely hummed. It seemed he’d already fallen asleep.
Feeling sneaky, Chase pressed a kiss into the soft skin of Aden’s shoulder and gave up overthinking.

Songspiriation Fic: No Moon to Carry Me Home


The highway is empty as the evening sky - but not really. Artificially cooled air tickles Suho's fingers and goosebumps make a field of miniature hills and valleys on his arms. He sighs heavily trying to keep his eyes open. It's been 14 hours since he last slept and eight since he started driving. He is tired but he can't stop. Red bleeds into Purple which melts into navy. The sky is alive and Suho watches as it streaks by the glass window. His foot eases into the gas pedal. The engine whines and he looks at the sinking sun.

Trees are blurs in the periphery of Suho's vision. He sees in globs of green and brilliant bands of crimson and blue. The white lines on the left and right are snakes, slithering and shifting, pushing him one way and then the other and squeezing together to urge him on. Suho pulls his foot away from the accelerator. The snakes slow, the bands become distinct sections, the blobs are blurry spheres - distinct in form and function. Suho sighs again before slamming his foot to the floor.

There is no moon, Suho notices, though the sun slowly sinks. The sky opens an eye to watch as Suho coasts down the highway. It wonders where he's going and so does he.


Suho want's to go away. He wants to evaporate.

He pushes the car on and his headlights flash on the rusted yellow reflective paint of a road sign. Sharp right turn, the ninety degree bend in the arrow proclaims. He brakes. The car slows and he turns the wheel. The car glides around the bend and its exhilarating. He turns on his high beams for a moment, before deciding he prefers the dim light of just the headlights. It dangerous, he tells himself, but it doesn't matter.

Florescent signs scream "Road Closed" but most are difficult to read since they've been eaten by rust. Suho keeps going. Happy to challenge the aggravating signs, he surges forward, not knowing where he'll end up. Stars peer down at him in curiosity. They are lonely tonight. They've been lonely a long time.

Once pon a time

Roswell had no hands

but marc did

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Waiting for sarah to finish her fic so here's chase and aden's backstories in gifs

I'm trying to get the fic finished so i can edit it before putting it up....

so in the mean time, I'll write a story using only gifs and pictures.

This is based on the fic im writing, the characters backstories sooooo

by sarah g-money McHizzle

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the valentine's day post

What couple are YOU most like? Answer A few of these questions to find the fuck out !!

[} you buy each other something mediocre, mainly because something cheap isn't acceptable and birthdays and chritmas are where you spend all your money. Besides this is about sex anyway.
[] You have sex right after opening your cards, on the kitchen table
[] You try to make breakfast, but instead you have sex.
[] You go out on a date, and it's really romantic, but you'd rather have stayed home to fuck
[] As soon as you get home, you have sex.
[] you're so exhausted but you have time for one more round.
[] oh shit you're alarm goes off and you didn't even sleep......
[] but you honest to god love the shit out of each other
[] even if you get in fights often and then make up with sex
[] this holiday doesn't even affect your normal schedule except for the gift giving

[] you're sad because you're names don't fit together as well as chase and aden's
[] You're really shy and you're significant other thinks its cute
[] but get a little alcohol in your system and today, he's the one begging for more
[] you bought each other really expensive and meaningful gifts because at least one of you is rich as the catholic church
[] you met randomly but look at you now
[] you'll probably have sex, but you'd be the couple to call it "making love"
[] you'll go on a really nice date and have a really nice dinner
[] you're very romantic and less focused on the sexytimes

Seth and Io:
[] you're straight
[] you're engaged
[] you'll go on a date and be done with it
[] sex is a yes
[] presents are a no
[] and if the wobbly wobbly variable of the DAUGHTER AND HER AGE comes into play, you might try to be extra gross around her to make her feel squeamish.

Marcroz (because Marroz sounds weird as fuck):
[] you're not a couple
[] you occasionally have sex but you're not a couple so this day isn't special and you probably won't even get laid
[] friends with benefits make valentine's day awkward

I could turn this into kpop but I'm going to stop before that happens and leave you all with this gif
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