Fourth from the Right

Kisses on my Finger, Fourth from the Right
Promises Forever but lends me a Night;
Flashes a Smile and Stays for a While.

Hands on my Hands, Hands on my Back,
Hands that simply Follow a Track

Light through the window, Empty Space
Hands on my Shoulders, Salt on my face.

Loves me Not,
Loves me Never.
Love him Always,
Love Him Forever.

pin pricks, pin pricks, Hail in my Heart
Flip the Tape and hit Restart.

Kisses on his Finger, Fourth from the Right
Copy cat! Copy cat! He calls my name.
Roll the Dice and play His Game.
for leave He may, Leave he might,
in my Heart He will Remain.

Same old Song I sing the Refrain.

Light through the window,
Substance and Shadow,
on that Finger, Fourth from the Right
Lust and Lies shine so Bright.

in my Heart a Safe is found.
keep It Safe, keep It Sound.

Stash here, Snatch there, His is a game of Give and Take.
Snake Eyes! Snake Eyes! turn to Stone!
Indian Giver Indian giver, just a fake!
Thought he was mine, but simply a loan.

Lock the safe, Close It Tight,
keep it Safe with all my might.
what is Mine, She can't Take.
Sleep in the bed that He did Make.

Silence, Silence, the Safe is Shut.

Broken records never Wake.