Barbados‌ Bingo‌

It might surprise you to know that there are a wide range of different variations when it comes to bingo. Some games at Barbados Bingo you will be familiar with, and others could be entirely new to you. Most of the time, these variations are going to be hard to find in traditional bingo halls, but once you get into online bingo, you should be able to take your pick. Read on to find out more about the best bingo variations so you know which one to pick if you have the choice.

90 Ball Bingo
90 ball bingo is the classic version if you’re from the UK, and it is one you’re going to be most familiar with overall. When you play 90 ball bingo you have nine rows and three columns of numbers per card, and you’ll have 15 numbers overall. To make things easier, because there are a large amount of numbers to keep an eye on, they will go in order, with the smallest numbers at the top down to the largest numbers at the bottom.
Most people buy strips rather than single cards. A strip is a book of six cards, and within each strip every number is represented.

There are three different winning combinations in 90 ball bingo. The first is getting all the number in one line. The next is all the numbers in two lines. Finally, it’s all the numbers on the entire card, which will net you the grand prize.

75 Ball Bingo
The next most popular version of bingo is the one that is played most in North America. This is 75 ball bingo, called as such because it uses 75 balls rather than 90.

The cards in 75 ball bingo have five rows and five columns, making it a square. In some games every square on the card is filled, and in others there is a blank space in the middle (this will be either 75-25 or 75-24 ball bingo). Along the top is the word BINGO, denoting each column with a letter.

It will depend on the game itself as to how you can win in 75 ball bingo. You can win, for example, with a double line (they don’t have to be next to one another), or you might be able to win by creating an X across your card. You might also be called on to make another shape such as another letter. Sometimes you’ll be a winner if you get the four corner numbers. And of course, if you get what is called a ‘total blackout’ and have every number on the card, you’ll win the grand prize.
80 Ball Bingo
80 ball bingo is a nice middle ground, and can therefore appeal to those who like 75 ball bingo and those who like 90 ball bingo. The card is laid out in a 4 by 4 pattern (four rows and four columns). Each of the four columns is a different colour set out in order: red, yellow, blue, silver.
There are more winning combinations available in 80 ball bingo than in 90 ball bingo, but less than in 75 ball bingo, so again it may appeal more to some people than other.