my first naruto fanfic

"hey, saskue!" i turned my head, to see sakura rushing to catch up. "saskue, wait up!" I sighed and slowed down to let the pinkhaired girl catch up to me.

"yeah, sakura? do you need anything?" i said.

"well, i just wanted to tell you something, important..."

ookay.. this was getting creepy; it sounded like she was making a confesson. "yes, what is it?" i asked.
"umm, i just, um... wanted to tell you that i don't really love you anymore, sorry. "

oh, great!! i think i'll ask naruto or someone to go out celebrating tonight!
"umm.. sure," i said, trying to act dejected, " but, who do you like now?"
"well," sakura started, blushing violetly, "naruto asked me out"
"oh, really? good for him," i told her, oviously not suprised, since naruto had always been chasing after her, like she did with me.
as i was thinking this, although i didnt know why, i spotted sakura smirking at me.
"what's that look for?" i asked her, sensing something.
"oh, its nothing, dont worry. anyway, i have to go now, naruto is waiting for me. hope you're not too jealous, or where that would lead us, bye!" she chattered, whisking away before i could say anything.
"umm... bye" i waved to her back. wait... what does she mean, "hope you're not too jealous, or where would that lead us"??
trying to shake the uneasiness off, i shook my head and continued on my way to my house.

welcome to the small little ninja corner for naruto

hey, wats up?? thanks for taking time to reads this and i should have my first naruto fanfic posted in about less than a week >.< so please visit again later!! thank u ^___^