Lifes so good right now!!!

:3 Been hanging with the most amazing guy lately and I can't wait to see how all this turns out!!! Sooo Happy :D

Life :D

Life's been great lately :) things have gone from horrible to amazing :)

So lately I've been having great times with my friends :) I've been soo lucky with some things :) I've spent some time and had great laughs with people who are usually really slack :)

Life's just been amazingly great for the last week or so and I'm really glad this has happened because I really needed a boost like this last week :D

Big thanks to all my friends family and school mates for making it an awesomee week or so XD


That awkward moment when you realise you both love each other but will probably never be together...


Usually when I dream about someone I like them, but now I'm dreaming those types of dreams about someone I thought I'd never luv :?


Friendships may have memories, good times and good laughs, but when you can trust a friend and tell them anything, thats when you know you have a Real Life long friendship :)