Hi all!

I'm Elricz! You might know me from my blog, but if you don't...

Here's a little bit about me!
- Avid manga reader
- Lover of Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (and FMA too), crocheting/knitting, story writing (especially story writing), the Japanese culture/food/language, and all crafty arts
- Student by day, Dreamer/Hopeless romanitc by night
- Favorites: Book=Starfire Angels by Melanie Nilles; Manga=Fullmetal Alchemist; Anime=Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood; Fairy Tale=Star Dollars; Character=4-way-tie between Alphonse Elric (Brotherhood), Raea Shartrael (Starfire Angels), Nanoha Takamachi (MGL Nanoha A's), and Nymph (Sora no Otoshimono)

Sakusha No Heya (or 作者の部屋) literally translates to The Author's Room... which is exactly what this world is! A place to post every story, poem, or whatever, that I think up!

I'm currently trying to decide what any people that request to be guest posters would actually do, since most writers have their own story World. More updates when I figure it out!

Bye, all!


View Count: 1,569 Hit 1500... Now I just need to start posting more on here. Guess the Pokemon Fanfic might help...


*sigh* asdfghjkl I... huff.

Since I haven't felt well today, I decided to relax and try writing a little... I was gonna shoot for the third part of Eye Spy, but that didn't happen cuz I'm in a writing rut. (I tried, just for you, Keba, cuz I remembered you asking about the next installment. But sadly I failed.)

Now I'm working on this kinda dumb story that I came up with after having a really strange dream a while back... I'm stuck again, and it's annoying me to no end. I mean, the concept is okay I guess, but I just feel so blahhh...

Not even watching the Gak commercial on tv has made me feel better. Maybe the Earl Gray with honey didn't help... I don't know.

I feel like I'm in an art rut too... we did blind contours of our hands in Art at school, and mine were horrible... I mean, especially horrible. Obviously I do not have good hand-eye coordination... which explains why I suck at sports and why it's hard for me to pick up dance choreography right away. Although I guess that's more foot-eye coordination, in reality.

Ra--*cough cough*--rawr...

Least my week went alright... I aced the quiz on the continents, oceans, and nations of Europe in Global Studies, and my math quiz was so easy I was done in 20 minutes. I didn't rush, it was just so easy!
So I started drawing afterwards, and my teacher saw what I was drawing, and she complimented me. So it made me happy for a little while... but when I finished I was annoyed at myself... I shall explain why once I post the drawing later.

*flops onto couch* Must find some more food... baloney sandwich and cup of tea is not sufficient.

OCs Quiz - Matt

Hideki got me… you Hitmonlee! Rules: 1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC. 2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible. 3. Title the journal as "OCs Qu...

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I fail at songwriting.

A couple years back, I went through this phase where I'd write down lyrics and try to record my own track. Granted, all I could play was ocarina, and not very well, and I can't read/write sheet music to save my life, so it didn't go very well. Oh...

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Ask Us! (Still Open)

Okies... gonna board the Ask Us Meme train!

You can ask my OCs Terri Lynn, Matt, Kyle, Ms. Markham, Mr. Shaw, Lisbeth, Ewan, Jay, Eve, Ben-Ben, Paige, or Ryker anything you want! (So long as it is appropriate.) (I can't believe I forgot Eye Spy's cast... thanks for reminding me, Keba.)

Terri Lynn, Kyle, Matt -> *pic*
K: How could you forget us?! It's cuz Matt's blind, isn't it?
TL: Kyle! Don't say that! It's not because he's blind!
M: *whacks Kyle with cane* In her defense, she hasn't worked on our story for a while... it's natural that we would slip her mind. Not a big deal.
K: Ow...
Ewan, Ben-Ben, Lisbeth, Eve -> *pic*
Jay -> *pic*
Paige and Ryker -> *pic*
(Their pic is not current. My drawing style has changed a lot since then, so I shall get an updated pic up soon!)

Jay can you explain a bit about your injury condition?
Ewan what is it like being Lisbeth's personal guard?

Keba Si Rota:
Ben-Ben, how did you get your nickname?
Eve, why do you do the "bunny thing" with your hands?

Oh, I'm soo excited! I'll get started on the answers right away! Boy oh boy, this is gonna be soo fun!
I'll make a new comic and keep track of the answers that way, so each question gets its own page! *organizational skills ftw*

OC List (Updated)

Edit: Okay, I admit, I probably have more OCs than I need... and I'm about to add a few more. But, in my defense, "Mistaken Identity," "The Empaths," and "Second Chance" kinda died off... so the OCs don't count. I still reference (and doodle and write) "Bicycle for Two," which is actually going to undergo a MAJOR rewrite (possible scrapping in its entirety if I can't find the original draft).

So now I'm basically down to six OCs, since the other continuities died off.

A list of all my OCs--rather, the ones I've shown y'all--sectioned off by story.

I'll work on creating posts (also sectioned off by story) that have fully fleshed-out descriptions of them (and links to fanarts if applicable).

Miscellaneous (No official story):
Jay *pic*
Evelyn (aka Eve)
Benjamin (aka Ben-Ben)

"Bicycle For Two" (BFT):

"The Empaths":
Unnamed boy

"Second Chance":*
Cristobal (Cris)

"Mistaken Identity: A Haru Takeda Story" (Mistaken Identity):*