Sketches that haven't yet grown into real drawings, and some that never will, or perhaps I beat them mercilessly with colored pencils and markers.

Ms paint sketch

trigger warning: self harm. Ms paint sketch of my most depressing moments thus far.... weird...... I'm drawing right now with happy ones a...

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I tried. I really did. but realistic hair is where I draw the line.... or don't draw the line.... hehe. that was lame. I can't draw realistic hair just yet. I need to work a bit at it. but in the mean time. Here is hairless Joe.... or random guy. whichever. I don't think it turned out too bad. Probably went a little overboard with the shading .... but I'm still working out the kinks. Its not going to perfect for a while :) I remain optimistic. Took the picture at an angle with a web cam... why its blurry. and weird...


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Did this on THIS site that MadilineHatter showed me. cool huh?

Venting my angst.

I know most of you don't smoke.... I've always liked the way smokers exhale through their nose.

what now? sketching

So yeah... weird.

And one more.

My art style has kind of changed. it went from being edge and unanime like to.... kind of back to animeish and rounder.