Name: Sen, Solo

Birthday: December 15

Blood type: O

Likes: RPGS (Fire Emblem, DQIX, RotMG, etc,) drawing, cool forests, trenchcoats/cloaks

Dislikes: the world's evils, spiders, clowns/jesters/puppets, spicy food




Name: Zephyr

Birthday: March 8

Blood type: AB

Likes: hermeticism/necromancy/chaos magic, sleeping, long robes, cats

Dislikes: large crowds of people, the paladin, loud music, cages


Today is my last day sleeping in this house, a new life awaits us tomorrow. Zephyr and I had a great day though, we finally found a bunny hidden under a bush on the last day (personal goal), resolved the transfer of both workplaces, ate lun...

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Moving is underway but my family has been less than cooperative about it. One yells, another cries. It's frustrating. I'm happy that I'm leaving behind bad memories but I'm still stressed out. I won't admit this to my friends because I don'...

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I woke up around 6 this morning with terrible cramps, but with his help I had motivation to eat, take Tylenol and.. well... go back to sleep? lol I also bought a giant platter of sushi today called a Hayashi, it was the first time I was com...

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A couple days ago I had the scariest experience in my life so far. Around 4:30 AM I went to the bathroom to do my business, but then out of the blue my heartbeat started to slow down, my limbs weakened and I fell down flipped the light switch off ...

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I keep seeing people I once knew in my dreams, honestly I just keep having weird dreams in general. Not sure what's going on... Is it influenced by all the drugs I'm taking? I saw Jasmine, and was desperate to catch up with her again, she w...

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