Name(s): Sen, Solo

Birthday: December 15

Age: 18

Gender: F

Likes: Hermeticism, chaos magic, necromancy, coding, cats, RPGS (Fire Emblem, RotMG, DQIX, etc.) puns, Canada, trenchcoats/cloaks/robes

Dislikes: spiders, the world's evils, large crowds of people, clowns/jesters/puppets, spicy food, loud music


I've been having another change of heart regarding gender, I'm accepting who I am and it's wonderful... Let's leave it at that huh? (I also missed having really cute medium/short hair.) ...

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Okay, this was the last straw. Pop up windows updates 8 times a day!? That's a fucking record! I've had enough of this piece of crap computer, I'm going to buy my new laptop before April otherwise I'll call ...

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Jason... At first I didn't think much of him, but the more time we spend together he just becomes more desirable to be around. Especially at nights. I think I have a small crush on him. But first I want to be the best friend I can to ...

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Yeah it's been a while, I haven't found much time to make a post recently. My parents have been pondering moving recently, this will be my 17th move I believe... But for once I'm not too sad about it, I don't have anything to lose anyway. Be...

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I had Burger King for breakfast the other day, but it wasn't the best meal I ever had. The fries were cold, the coffee sucked, and the only redeeming quali...

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