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It´s about time I start with little stories and pieces of information for my little babies which I have too many too (actually) count.

Random things will appear, too, so be aware~

Majin no omocha - Youma

- grey-brown hair
- black, droopy eyes
- white skin that shows no shadows
- black scars coming down his eyes

- he neither demon nor human any longer
- has the most mysterious behaviour of all and appreciates that no one of the group prys into his past
- never shows his hands, tho he can grab things at will (he would hate having to touch things with his bare hands)
- looks out for Mami a lot

When he was still a human, he lived in a period of war and riots. Many demons trespassed into the human realm and caused even more despair. One day, his hometown was raided and he fled into the deepest parts of the nearest forest to escape the attack, only to be caught in the hunting grounds of a hundred demons. Frozen from fear he watched them devouring each-other till only one was left. The new demon then turned around and set his sight on him. Overcome with fear, he ran away but to no avail. He was eaten. Or at least he was supposed to be, but his will to live suddenly was so strong that, after the demon took over the boody, he took over the souls of the demons. Now his human side has a human-shaped, demon-ghost body. He left behind his village and his name and took over the identity of "youma", the only remnants off one of the more calm demons that was devoured the same way as the once human boy. After that, Youma wandered around where he felt like going, switching between human and demon realm as he pleased. He saw and heard many things but never took part in anything. He never felt the need to stay in any place long, either so he was just like a fleeting, lost soul with an undying body. There are times, some of the demons, that were devoured, try to take over the body but they never succeeded. Over time, they all faded away, reached their life-span or just gave up and were lost forever. At present, he can feel two more lifes within himself, but they never try to overthrow him or take any action at all.
By chance, he meets Mami, a young vengeful spirit, causing a lot of mischief, but bored to death. He takes her along on his journey for a while, until they part, only to meet again when they travel with Byakuya and co. He feels that Byakuya is kinda similar to him and decides to stay with them all. Over time, he is able to open up to a degree.
On the fateful day, he temporarily takes over Fubukis body to stop his assault on Byakuya. Since he learnt his name then he was debating over whether he should bind Byakuya to himself now. He watched him being sent back to earth and since the urge to follow Byakuya was surprisingly strong, he stayed behind. He didnt want to feel so passionate about someone who would unmistakenly die and leave him behind someday. But as soon as he heard that Byakuya was in trouble again, he joins the group to defeat the danger so Byakuya can live in peace.
During this stay in the human realm he meets Yume, who´s just as dispassionate as him. SHe feel like a mirror to him and he decides that maybe it was time to change again and help her so he can help himself, too.

Majin no omocha - Akumaou

- red hair that turns into black at the ends
- light yellow eyes
- facial marks that can turn from blue to black if he´s agitated too much
- light skin-color

- talented swordfighter
- only one naturally able to use blue fire as his magic (but doesnt use it very often since he likes to brawl too much)
- gets heated not as easy as he makes it appear
- curiosity killed the cat fits him all too well
- he´s actually bored of the demon world
- only acts on his own desires
- suprisingly has a big heart but becoming someone he views important is still a rather diffcult task
- more often than not he hides his true abilities and he enjoys abserving others
- Akumaou is the only demon who revealed his name to the whole group and all call him that way but he´s not under the influence of anyone - he has a high resistance and / or pride

Akumaou is considered being "the first child of the reigning Maou", in reality its unknown how many were born before and after him, or at the same time. In fact, he has been strong since he was born but he actually didnt ever want to compete being the next Maou and he never rose to fight his older brothers, though he never stopped them from attacking the younger ones either. His father had actually given up on him already, but then his older brothers wanted to get rid of him, too, and lost miserably. The older he got, the more he played with his enemies, leaving them in a state of fury and dishonor. Akumaou enjoyed getting stronger, but never found pleasure in senseless fights. But the reigning Maou was pleased with his strength and thus named him first born child. He was brought to the castle but left immediately, no one being able to stop or follow him (they all acted stupidly and got into fights with another). Since then, he wandered aimlessly through the demon realm, training his swordsmanship and polishing his skills. Someday, rumors about a human roaming around caught his attention and he went to look for that human. Nekomata was the one he found who brought him to Byakuya. Surprised about how he could make a demon of ice and snow care about him deeply, Akumaou decided to stay with them and be a companion on their journey. In the beginning, it was just curiosity, but he truly came to like them and the group, that got bigger and bigger.
The fateful day, he was about to kill Fubuki as he saw that the later attacked Byakuya, but Byakuya stopped him from doing so. He was blind from fury and he actually was disappointed in them both for a moment, until he realized that Fubuki was being controlled and fighting against the mind-control as best as he could. AS soon as Akumaou found the mastermind, he disappeared without a trace. He decided that Byakuya had to go back in order to be safe. Afterwards, he told the group that they should disband and he would bring Fubuki back to his home. Surprisingly, the group disbanded without much hassle. WHile he researched where to find the one who controlled Fubuki that day, he learnt about Re-Ankhs existence and about Lucifer, the one who seemed to have been the one responsable for the disband of the group he came to call his own family. He learns how to use the abilities of his comreades to his advantage and took all neccessary steps to meet all of them again. It was him spreading rumours about Byakuya being in danger again and bringing them all together. They set out to look for Byakuya to properly protect them this time. Since he knew it were all just rumors, he enjoyed his stay in the human-realm more leisurely than the others, but soon he leaned that his rumor was the truth, after all, he reckoned, that it was his fault (the pot calling the kettle back or something along those lines). ALong the way, Akumaou meets one of Byakuyas friends, Tanaka Rika, who he feels strangely attached to. She will play a major role in his life.

Mno - Nekomata / Yain

. white-black hair, long
. yellow cat-eyes
. pointy cat-ears
. pale skin
. paws as hands, striped white-grey
. two tails even in humanoid form
. acts like a moody teenager

. the soul of a cat that was over 20 years old and gave up his last life to save his owner
. a cat through and through -> lazy (even during his transformation)
. pretty agile
. gets interested fast but loses it easy, too
. he knows how to hold his grudges
. since he´s not a born demon, being called Nekomata doesnt bound him to anyone
. he decides the name he´ll accept
. he handles things his own way and mostly seperates from the troupe (who considers him more like a mascot)

As a normal cat he was living the easy life, being pampered by his "masters". One day, the man got hit by a truck while Nekomata (who was just called "Kuro" by them) was nearby. He saw Re-Ankh appear and knew instinctively that this was his chance to rescue his beloved human. He traded his last life. More on a whim Re-Ankh´s Kuro turned into a Nekomata and was brought into the demon realm. He mostly just roamed around freely and he got to learn a lot about all the mischievious plans of all the demons, but he didnt care most of the time. Sometimes he played some minor tricks that got out off hand but no-one ever expected him to be the mastermind. He was actually the one who met Byakuya first and lured him into the demon-realm and made him meet with Fubuki. To his surprise, he didnt get bored watching them and more or less stayed with those two. Even as the group grew, he didnt get bored, considering Byakuya was able to befriend so many different demons who all were more or less like-minded, tho none of them would agree to that.
The fateful day where Fubuki attacked Byakuya, Nekomata was accidentally thrown into the human world, more or less unable to return or help. As a result, there were some suspicions raised against him, what he learned after luckily having returned to the demon-realm. Tho feeling disappointed by having been suspected, he tells them that he´ll act as traveler and watch over Byakuya.
First, he properly transforms into a cat to watch over Byakuya, but after years passing he doesnt care anymore and takes on the half-humanoid form. He often meets with Jun, a friend of Byakuya´s, and takes a liking to him. Jun is the one giving him his name Yain.

Majin no omocha - Mami


* 26.04.
- whiteblond hair to emeraldgreen eyes
- lightgrey skin
- beauty-mark under her left eye
- thinn, scrawny fingers and lots of scars on her arms

- moody and hard to please
- unsatísfied with her life she had when she was living
- turned into a vengeful spirit
- mostly sticks to Youma
- up to no good
- is actually able to sympaphize with Byakuya and is fond of him
- evades all responsabilities
- since she´s a spirit she can call Byakuya by his name and he hers without forming a bond if not agreed to it but they Refrain from calling them when the others are there (except Youma)

As human everything seemed to start out good for her in life. She was born into a loving family and had two older brothers. Little did she understand that she was actually hated by her family for being born as girl and was viewed as bad omen. Turning ten it started that the other kids began bullying her. She told her family who said they would take care of it so it stopped temporarily. This happened over and over again, with the bullying escalating when she turned sixteen. She was caught by a group of ten boys who bound her arms so she couldn´t fight back. Dragged into a shabby shed she was raped multiple times while the boys took turns. Some were into really sadistic stuff even leaving those scars on her arms. She had been held captive for several days already when her brothers arrived. Though she was exhausted and delirious she heard them say they should just kill her off already. One af the captors said they should do it themselves since they won´t be accountable for murder. Before getting the deed done they had a go with her, too.
Mami actually felt freed when her brother killed her eventually. Still, she wasn´t able to forget nor forgive the humiliation and cursing all those who were there and their whole families she turned into a mighty vengeful spirit. LIttle by little they all lost their sanity to the point they mostly committed suicide while the others met with an equally unsightly death. When no-one connected was alive anymore she wandered the human world, not knowing what to do and where to go. She played some more (mostly harmless) pranks that took a turn for worse since she became too mighty. Youma found her coincidentally and took her to the demon´s realm where she could wreck havoc to her hearts content without having to feel guilty or anguished.
When she met Byakuya she offered to get rid off all those who bully and humiliate him but he refused telling her they weren´t worth her attention. Impressed by that she tones down a lot and turns into a more refined and approachable demon. She enjoys spending time with Byakuya and loves teasing Fubuki but stays in bonds now. She converts back when Fubuki attacks Byakuya being under a spell and fits into a rage. Youma can put his reign on her and cool her off a little. After they sent Byakuya back and sealed Fubukis memories she ventures through the demon realm to search for clues regarding the mastermind behind the incident.
She leaves for the human realm with the others to help Byakuya since there are hints he´s still targeted. To be able to stay she needs a host and she randomly attaches herself to Ichiya. Mami doesn´t really care about him in the beginning and pushes him around as she pleases but is properly protecting him, too. Even then, the one most important to her is Byakuya.

Majin no omocha - Hakuma


- white-light blueish hair and eye-color
- fair skin

- she´s a cold beauty
- manipulates snow so she is of the same kind as Fubuki
- she´s not one of many words
- surprisingly she´s a rather dreamy demon
- her sense of balance is nearly as amazing as that of a cat
- she´s one to get jealous easily and is hard to please
- one of the few observing demons who use their head before acting (though, in her case she mostly only observes because she deems herself to highly for participating in foolishness)
- her self-confidence is really high and not always understandable
- her pride is unmeasureable and is mostly based on her white-blueish hair, an unknown combination so far as demons go
- has suitors everywhere but doesn´t give a damn and plays them cruelly
- as every demon she has to keep her name a secret ( they only share their name with their significant other) that´s why she´s called Haku-cchi
- she will get more modest through the turn of events

Ever since Hakuma was a child she was adored by other demons from all over the place. Everyone was stunned by her beauty, especially her hair which has never been seen before. The pride she developed due to that was never corrected by anyone around her so it grew with every day, consulting in her looking down on everybody-else. Those that were asking for her hand got ridiculed or charged with challenges they were unable to overcome.
Considering she wasn´t the only demon able to manipulate ice she decided herself to specialize in snow manipulation. For that she discarded any other form (which turned her in a snow-woman [which is - taken realistically - a degration]). She thinks of herself as the pinnacle of demon being (although she is not that strong altogether).
The first time she met with Fubuki she fell in love with his silent demeanor and his beautiful way of using his powers. He is the only one she ever considered a worthy demon and she liked being complimented for her hair by him. She thought he loved her, too and was laying out their future in her mind already. Unfortunately for her, they lost contact for a few years and when she met him again, he was in company with Byakuya (who everyone just calls Ku-chan), a mere human who had the same hair-color. She instantly hated him and tried to get rid of him. But Fubuki interfered which confused her. She asked him why he would betray her with such a filthy creature and learned that Fubuki never thought of her in such a way so she ran away. She got lost in a fiery region and was attacked by many demons. Surprised by their strength she is in a dire situation when she got rescued by Hibana and Suzaku. When she learns they were sent by Byakuya she felt humiliated and went to vent her anger on him. She left the group to grow stronger, though she never admitted to that fact. The day Fubuki´s mind got manipulated she couldn´t stop him from raping Byakuya. Together with Akumaou she sealed Fubuki´s memories and sent Byakuya back home. She then traveled the demon world to find out who manipulated Fubuki this way and punish him. A few years later she returned and together with Akumaou and the whole group that had traveled with Byakuya through the demon realm they went to the human world to find Byakuya. Surprisingly, they found him as soon as they arrived there. Byakuya was not amused but took them in to avoid panic. She told him everything she found out but is surprised to hear that Byakuya didn´t want to invoke Fubuki´s memories. He intended to fight the enemy alone, if neccessary so Akumaou told him to find Partners for every demon present as soon as possible and then they would fight in their stead.
Hakuma enjoys seeing Byakuya act cold and unsure around and unknowing Fubuki who doen´t seem to care. Though, she and Byakuya understand each-other better than before and are on terms that could be called friends, she still acts rather distant.
The human who peeks her interest is Taiyou. But he is very reserved towards her and she doesn´t wnat to delude herself again so it needs some help of Byakuya before they can find to each-other.