welcome to the s.o.s. brigade of myotaku.com.where were ganna bring back myotaku,hope you join stay around for updates.

ok so new plan

yeah myotaku doesn't work for noobie accounts no prob there are plenty of older site mems who still have one but never use it.either way still being the cool people we are,we...

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ok so it wont turn on go to the establishment!!

i cant seem to turn the myotaku part of this site on.infact the intro and all that doesnt seem to work.i can still sign gbs aparently cause i signed my other account and it shows up.lol so obviously this is a big headach maybe i should talk to the site managers to see if i could convience them to fix this site and make it useable.{or else well just have to convience people who were here during the switch to use their myotaku more often.}

nether the less we want cosplay untill we can figure out the little problems myotaku has.well host them in this world.makes me sad though.


myotaku wont let me turn it on.idk what to do about it cause ill put all the info in introduction and all but it wont update it says it does.some one help please