Hello, there. My name (or names) is(or are)

Or,just simply, Sensei Ryuu.
So yeah, I joined the community here at theOtaku back in 2007 and havent been able to stop since.
I try to update frequently, but unfortunately there are unentertaining dry areas in my life, so taht happens...
But yeah, I was introduced to manga by my cousin and my favorites are...

Samurai Champloo
One Piece
Death Note

Though I still like manga alot Im slowly drifting towards photorealism more and more, so my portfolio is a bit of a mix.
Music is great.
I play guitar, and I adore Jack White. But not in a gay way.
And if you havent caught on yet, I am a boy.
Colplay and the Killers also rock.
I like alot of other bands but I wont go into it.

Be kind dont diss on me and comment or I'll sick a something horrible on you...and it wont be pleasant...

ALSO--Background credits go to somegirl.


Woah de woah woah.

Hi there. So I thought I'd pop on in on this site and see how everyshvons doin. So, how is everyone doin? My summer has been exceedingly bland and boring. A few dramatic turnabouts and twists and such but nothing new really. I want to go run down a sand dune into Lake Michigan. cause thats nifty.
Meh birthday:
Eh. Not many presents, but it was nice anyways. My aunt got me a mac, which we soon found out had a shitty hard drive. So shes gonna repair it and give it to meh later. I also got a cool film camera (bah digital). I need to get the actual film for it though. So yeah.

If you want to contact me for any reason at all,
[email protected]

If you want to find me on FB just ask and I'll give my name. I haven't put my art online in a long time, so I might do that.

Farewell, everyone.

^nifty shit.


hello all who might still check my page.
If you haven't noticed, I don't really go on here anymore, its sort of lost its appeal to me but I still want to talk to some people, namely Teapot, Gadriann, and Nico. I really love your art, guys, and you have inspired me so much.

Thank you, and farewell.

Break (some bones)

Yup. Its thanksgiving break. So on the first day of break I went with my MOm to pick up my sister from college...five and a half hours away...and back in the same day. And then came turkey day and we followed suit, inviting a family for dinner and consuming pretty much everything, including appetizers and dessert.
And margaritas. You cannot forget the margaritas.
But it was a pretty slow day filled with alot of quiet chewing and laughing and not much at all.
And today we made yet another road trip, this time a four hour trip, to visit my grandparents. We were there for three hours then we left...
And came back in the same day, today...
so now I only have two days left in which to do nothing at all then cram work in the last four hours of break.

Oi, more art to be posted soon enough for those of you who are kind enough to care.



AH! THEOTAKU! Yeah, I haven't posted in a while, sorry to the only two people who ever comment on anything I put here, Andrea and Nicole. Anyway. Heres the story of my recent four day weekend in which I had Halloween(HAHA).

Yup, well on thursday and friday I had no school. I still went to school sorta...
Well, I visited my old school with my class on thursday which was fun then after that I slept over at my friends house...then on friday I went back to my old school and helped with this CANDY filled festival...then I helped out at a big dinner/event my parents were hosting at my school...then I slept over at another friends house with another guy.

Then on saturday two more guys joined our group and we hung out and went trick er treating. Yeah, we're in highschool...
Anyway, me and my friend went as the blues brothers...and some indian lady thought I was Harry Potter. MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR. DO I REALLY LOOK THAT MUCH LIKE HIM?!

Yeah. And then there was another indian lady who ahd christmas lights and was giving candy canes...it was odd...
Yeah. Then I slept over again then at mass the next day I almost feel asleep...I was so darned tired.
Today we had a two hour late start so I was able to go to Micky D's and grab bfast with some peeps.


I'll post a picture now.



Oi Oi. Well, my sister left again yesterday. On saturday we went shopping together and had fun. And then on sunday night we all watched Transformers and ate cookies. Then my Mom came in and yelled at us all.
Oh, well.
OKay. I have this artwork in my compie that I've been meaning to post but with school and tests and such, no time at all...

Oh. Well.
Just thought I'd let you guys now iM alive.