*Appears to my throne room on the ground coughing up blood*
Kabuto: Sir! are you okay? *He picks me up and sats me on my chair*
Me: I'm fine. I just need to rest for a bit. (Puts my hand on my chest as my wounds heal but slightly)
Kabuto: The Mystical Palm Justu...
Me: *procedure stops but still feel pains in every part of my body*
Dosu: *comes in with Kin and Zaku* Lord Orochimaru... are you badly hurt?
Kin: What happened Lord Orochimaru?
Zaku: Who did this? I swear i'll get the BASTARD THAT DID THIS! *punches a wall*
Kimimaro: Keep your cool Zaku. it's obvious that Lord Orochimaru was severly hurt in a fierce battle.
Jirobo: Looks likes it.
Tayuya: *plays a soothing melody on her flute*
Kidomaru: We'll hunt them down sooner or later.
Sakon: But for right now Lord Orochimaru...
Ukon:... needs his rest.
*Everybody leaves, leaving me in my throne room healing.*
Me: [thinking]fierce battle against Lord Yondaime really took a toll on me... badly. I'll manage soon.