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2o16 Reading List

2o16 Reading List::

Nod -- Adrain Barnes

Seveneves -- Neal Stephenson
the Half Made World -- Felix Gilman
Backroads -- Tawni O'Dell
Lamb -- Christopher Moore
Wicked -- Gregory MaGruire
the Brothers Grimm Volume I
the Brothers Grimm Volume II
Odyssey -- Homer
Russka -- Edward Rutherfurd
Eldritch Tales -- H.P. Lovecraft
East of Eden -- John Steinbeck
the Princes of Ireland -- Edward Rutherfurd
One Hundred Years of Solitude -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
the Divine Comedy -- Dante Alighieri (translated by Robin Kirkpatrick)
Area X, the Southern Reach Trilogy -- Jeff Vandermeer
War and Peace -- Leo Tolstoy
the Buried Giant -- Kazou Ishiguro
the Grapes of Wrath -- John Stienback
Vellum, the Book of All Hours -- Hal Duncan
the Princess Bride -- William Goldman
Angela's Ashes -- Frank McCourt
Snow Falling on Cedars -- David Guterson
Love In the Time of Cholera --Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Trade -- Fred Stenson
On the Road -- Jack Kerouac
Beatrice and Virgil -- Yann Martel
the Trail -- Franz Kafka
Madame Bovary -- Gustave Flaubert
To the Lighthouse -- Virgina Wolf
Teacher Man -- Frank McCourt
'Tis -- Frank McCourt

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I have an allergy to perfume. Walking down the perfume section of the drug mart is uncomfortable. Its hard to breath if I enter a space that someome has sprayed cologne. Things like Freebreeze, or those pine tree car air fresherner thingies make my chest tighten up. Sometimes, you just cant avoid these things.

I work a job were I deal quite frequently with people. Its not exactly a customer service job, but throughout the week I'll deal with, speak to, and serve over a hundred people. And you know the worst part of doing that (besides the obvious)?

The people who wear an abundence of perfume or cologne.

Im not saying dont wear it. But please, dont wear so much. My poor lungs cant take that much stress. You're perfume smells amazing, but if im coughing from behind the counter because my chest is tight, you might be wearing too much.


Sometimes I get depressed.

We aren't talking just a sort of sadness that happens from time to time because of the weather, or because I lost my house keys again. This is a full on depression; I lose the desire to preform even the basic of human functions because it all feels pointless. I don't want to eat, and all I do is sleep because it seems like that's the only reasonable thing too do. So I sleep up too twenty hours a day, and when I wake up all I want too do is go back too sleep because being awake seems pointless.

It is like everything seems pointless.

I've struggled with depression before, so I know when to recognize when I have-- for lack of a better word-- episode like this again. I used to sleep too much, and not eat anything. Sometimes I would lose ten plus pounds all from not eating. And that is not healthy because I stand at five feet one inch and my healthy weight is one hundred pounds; losing weight for me is not a good idea. I know the signs, but it is hard to almost force myself not to fall into the depression trap.

It usually lasts a few days, a week at the most. But during that week I feel miserable. Its like losing my sense of self for me. I am normally someone that recognizes the darker things in the world but always remembers to note the beautiful things too. I find balance in the world, and I take extreme happiness in the little things. And when I am depressed it is like I can find nothing but pointlessness. It's always a shock.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is; sometimes I get depressed. But that doesn't mean I give up the fight to not be depressed.

'' Maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit. ''

Go With the Flow


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