Superman: The new 2011 Movie

Hi everyone. I know this doesn't really belong here but the Otaku's World feature is just too perfect for this. For those who don't know, the Superman Movie franchise has been rebooted. This means that the original superman movies and superman returns will act like they never happened. Being a huge Superman fan I wrote a synopsis of what I think the next Superman Movie should be about. I even made a poster for it. External Image

Superman: The Movie 2011
Starting Notes: I am not a writer and I really am only good with large concept ideas and not details. I already don’t like Brainiac/Lois/Lana drama in the end. So I am going to provide a brief outline before I start the whole synopsis because really it’s the outline that I like, not so much the break down and details. If you have any ideas for improvement please help. I think the outline is good but a lot of the motivations need to be revisited and the character placement can maybe be redone.
• Brainiac is the cause of the missing city Kandor and the destruction of Krypton.
• Three ships leave Krypton, Kal-El’s, Kara-El’s and Brainiac’s
• Superman lands on Earth spends time in Smallville becoming Superman
• Jonathan Kent dies and Superman releases his grief in the North Pole for safety reasons
• Crystal makes Fortress of Solitude
• Superman saves and meets Lois on airplane
• Clark likes Lois but she doesn’t care
• Disasters happen around Metropolis in a pattern that is preparing Metropolis to be bottled by Brainiac
• Brainiac is going to bottle Metropolis and destroy Earth
• Superman must fight to save his adopted planet and for his birth planet
1. The studio wants this to be a darker movie. I think we can do that without messing up Superman’s goodness by making Brainiac a killing machine.
2. Having Brainiac be the main villain leaves Lex Luthor the ability to be the main villain in the next movie.
3. Having Supergirl land in Gotham harbor is just like the comic books and can lead to a Batman Superman Supergirl cross over.
4. The movie can have more action because each disaster can have a Superman rescue scene.
We join the El family on Krypton as Jor-El begins preparations for Kal-El's Ship. Kryptonian Parliament is discussing the mysterious disappearance of the metropolis city Kandor. We see the same scenes of Superman getting put into the ship and all that. We also see Zor-El putting a defient 16 year old girl into a ship and prepares her for takeoff. Finally we zoom over to Krypton's main computer as it launches itself off of the planet.

Krypton explodes and we see Kal-El's, Kara's, and Brainiac's ships shoot away from the explosion. Kara and Brainiac’s ship are both hit by meteors but continue on course.

Music and titles


Scene 1:
Kal-El’s ship comes crashing down over a field in Kansas. We later realize its Smallville. The young infant Kal-El is picked up by a farming family, the Kents. They raise him as their own and hide is true heritage until his powers become apparent.

Scene 2:
We join Clark in his senior year at Smallville High School. He is at his senior prom with the most beautiful girl in school, Lana Lang. Clark isn’t his bumbling self like we know him to be in Metropolis but he isn’t the confident Superman he’ll become. This is Kal-El, just another high school senior with all the problems that face boys of that age, except he has the added handicap of his powers.

Lana knows about Clark’s powers as at an early age they were the best of friends. Clark and Lana have skirted around the possibility of being together officially but no event has come close to this as tonight has. We see them arrive at the gym and they are greeted by their two mutual friends Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan.

The four meet and discuss the night’s events. There is a small level of awkwardness in the air as these four have never defined themselves as two couples. After punch and pleasantries Clark and Lana go out on the dance floor. Here they are engaged in their first slow dance. Lana notices that Clark’s mind seem to be off in the clouds.

Lana calls Clark out on his seemingly disinterested look. He apologizes and tells her of the moral dilemma he is having about his powers and how he wants to use them to help others. He asks her to remember the time he saved Ben Hubbard’s farm by stopping the small field fire, also the time he saved a bus of school children.
Flash Back 1:
This is the first time we get to see Clark use his powers. A school bus driver falls asleep at the wheel and a bus of school children break through a bridge over a river. The screams of the children are heard by Clark all the way at the Kent farm. (the camera quickly zooms all the way to the farm from the bus). With super speed and strength Clark arrives at the scene to jump down into the water and push the bus back onto the road with no one seeing him.

We resume the dance with Lana and Clark. Clark tells Lana of his desires to be more. He also tells her he may not stay in Smallville much longer as he feels the answers for him aren’t going to be found in Smallville.

The dance finishes and the couple leaves the floor, Lana disappointed that Clark has taken interest in the world over her.

Scene 3:
Clark is pushing fence posts into the ground with his bare hands and Jonathan Kent walks with him. Jonathan tells Clark that it’s ok to be a kid and enjoy himself a bit. Jonathan knows about his date with Lana and the two are very close. Clark explains to his father how he longs to be more. Jonathan, being more proud than disappointed, admits to Clark that he is his own man now and can make decisions for himself. Clark and his father walk in silence for a bit and Clark admits that his father’s influence has made him the man he is today. Clark continues to walk alone for a small time in silence before he realizes that his father isn’t walking with him.

Jonathan is on the ground gripping his chest. Clark immediately knows what is happening and picks his father up and runs him to the hospital before Jonathan can protest. To their luck Smallville medical is a smaller community hospital and no one has seen Clark’s use of speed. A short time after the arrival at the hospital Jonathan Kent dies from a heart attack.

Scene 4:
The funeral for Jonathan is well attended. Lana, Pete, Chloe and other members of the Smallville medical team are all there. Clark consoles his mother. A rage builds inside of Clark. He feels with all his power he should have been able to save his father. As the funeral comes to an end he feels that he must release his grief but knows he can’t do it safely around people. Alone, Clark grabs a crystal from the ship that carried him to Earth. He runs faster than he’s ever run all the way to the North Pole. Hear tears of guilt, rage and anger pour out of him. He releases all that he’s held up over the years. His screams destroy glaciers, his fists topple mountains and in a final act of defiance against the failure of his powers and Kryptonian heritage he throws the crystal far and deep into the North Pole crust.

The fortress of solitude bursts forth from the Earth, just as if Jor-El felt his son’s pain. The fortress’s appearance is breath taking. Clark forgets his anger as he looks into the fortress. There he finds the crystal he threw. He feels and pulling sensation the put the crystal in what looks like a control mechanism. As he does, Jor-El reveals himself. Now that Clark has lost a father he gains a new one. The two meet and Jor-El begins to explain to Kal-El his complete heritage. The camera fades out of the fortress and Kal-El and Jor-El begin a 2 year journey of training.

Two years later:

A meteor crashes down from the sky. It hits just south of the great American city of Metropolis. Soon it is revealed that the meteor is in fact a ship. Much like the one that carried Kal-El to Earth this one opens and reveals a damaged looking robotic humanoid. The camera only shows its legs and arms. It keeps repeating the same Kryptonian word over and over again “repair”.

Scene 1:
A farm house stands battered where it once was well kept. Martha Kent walks back inside and takes a pot of coffee off the burner. She has lost her husband and her son has been missing for two years. She sits down at the kitchen table in silence. The side door opens with a creek and in walks Clark Kent. He is more defined as a man now. He is wearing tattered clothes he had on at the funeral.

He rounds the corner to find Martha tears in her eyes as she stands to greet her long lost son. The hug and she begins to ask him all the questions a mother would ask her son who’d been missing for two years. The two discuss Jor-El, the fortress and all that has happened to him in the last two years.

Clark has returned to his mother to tell her he has found purpose. He has a plan about how he can help the world. He tells her of Jor-El and his Idea to become Superman. Over the next month Clark repairs the farm and the house and things at the Kent farm start to look as they once did.

Scene 2:
A man clad in a business suit walks awkwardly into the Daily Planet. He is Clark Kent, bubbling writer and reporter for the Daily Planet. It is his first day. He walks into Perry White’s office who gives him the rundown of what to expect. All this is down half heartedly as the entire planet staff is watching the TV as Lois Lane interviews the president on air force one during a press conference.

Clark thanks Mr. White, shakes his hand and goes to find his desk. He bumps into a young kid who is too eager to help him find is new space. The kid is Jimmy Olson, amateur photographer for the Daily Planet. Clark and Jimmy hit it off right away.

Scene 3:
A robotic figure emerges from a warehouse in South Metropolis. It is looking more human like. Blood runs from the floor as the figure’s human looking arm transforms into a gun. It looks to the sky to find an object it can track. Air Force one comes into view and the figure fires at it hitting one of the planes engines. In a human/robotic voice the figure says in English, “disappointing, power levels are still too low for cultural incision”. The figure flies away as fast as Superman and the camera pans up slowly as he flies away to show he’s murdered all the employees at a Lex Corp technologies and manufacturing plant.

Scene 4:
The impact of the laser has made a large hole in one of the engines and the other engine on that wing is missing. The telecast is cut off and a news reported at a desk explains that air force one is going down over Metropolis Lake. Jimmy, awe struck by the news doesn’t notice Clark leaving for the elevator. Clark enters the elevator and as soon as the doors close he is changed into his costume. Superman flies out of the top of the Daily Planet building and heads straight for Air Force One.

Unfortunately but similar to Superman Returns, Superman saves the place from falling. The plane is set down in Metropolis International Airport and crowds of people secret service and press alike run towards the plane. Superman rips the door off and begins to lower people to safety. The last person to leave the plane is Lois Lane. Their eyes meet and they are instantly attracted to each other. She tries to ask him questions as the reporter inside her screams for information but non verbal gibberish is all that comes out. Superman hovers over the crowd then flies away.

Scene 5:
Superman is revealed to the world and Mr. White wants the story! Days pass as no one is able to get a word with Superman. Not even the world’s best reported Lois Lane is able to get the scoop. She is slightly annoyed that a Kansas farm boy now sits across from her desk but that doesn’t detour her from her goal to meet Superman again. After many attempts at starting up a good conversation with Lois Lane, Clark Kent finally gets a mouth full when he brings the story of a century to the Planet. Clark is taken-a-back at the intense charge of Lois Lane demanding to know how he was able to get the interview of a life time.

The two quarrel playfully as Clark slightly grins at the attention he gets from Lois. In the background everyone is ready the paper, the headline reads “Superman; Truth Justice and the American Way” by Clark Kent.

A series of disasters:

Scene 1:
Time moves forward about a week. The buzz about Superman hasn’t died down in the slightest and reports of his deeds spread around the world. A series of disasters are also of note on the cover of the Daily Planet. Disasters around power plants and technology buildings have been reported all over the circumference of the city. Superman has been able to save many people and stop a lot of the damage but the disasters seem to be in a pattern around the circumference of the city.

Newly teamed reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane have been working on the stories each time just missing the chance to get a word in with Superman.

Scene 2:
Superman is in the fortress of solitude. He is discussing his recent activities with Jor-El. He explains the pattern of disasters and Jor-El instantly becomes concerned. He tells Kal-El of the disappearance of the metropolis city Kandor just before he was sent to Earth. Jor-El was not able to investigate the incident as he was preparing to send Kal-El to Earth and try and have the government listen to his findings about the planets destruction. Never the less Jor-El warns caution. Jor-El’s and Kal-El’s relationship is growing.

Scene 3:
On his way back to Metropolis, Superman begins to feel weak. Just outside the city he falls to the ground. There he is met by the mysterious robotic figure Brainiac. Brainiac holds Kryptonite in his hand. He tells Kal-El that he has been on Earth now for 3 months. He was going about his business when his plans were interrupted by a man masquerading around in a costume. It didn’t take him long to figure out that another Kryptonian must have survived Krypton’s destruction.

Superman is looking like he is going to die when Brainiac is struck by a car. Lana Lang was driving to visit Clark to confront him about his disappearance and the arrival of Superman when she see’s he’s been hurt. Brainiac not yet a full capacity begins internal repairs and Superman struggles to get into the car. The two narrowly escape.

Lana takes Clark to his apartment and he begins to feel better. The two have a heated argument about where he went and why he didn’t tell her. During the argument the doorbell rings and in walked Lois Lane. Clark now clothed in his regular attire looks panic and still a little sick from the Kryptonite poisoning.

The two woman both beautiful exchange glances. Lois speaks first saying something about if he was sick he should have called so she didn’t have to waste her time picking him up. Lana tries to introduce herself politely but knows Lois through her articles for the Planet and also knows she is writing about Superman. The two don’t get along and Clark ends up sending Lois out.

Lana and Clark finish their argument. Lana realizes she isn’t in Clark’s heart like she’s always wanted to be but the two make up. Lana heads back to Smallville. Brainiac is across the block standing on a building watching the three.

Final Battle

Scene 1:
That night Superman now fully healed from his Kryptonite exposure heads out to look for Brainiac. Meanwhile Lois is investigating one of the locations where a recent power plant disaster occurred when she is kidnapped by Brainiac. Lois is held captive by Brainiac while also noticing that Lana Lang, the woman she just met has been kidnapped and captured as well.

Superman hears Lois’s screams right before she is knocked out heads to her aid. Brainiac stands before Superman with Lana’s neck in one hand and Lois’s neck in the other. Brainiac begins to explain how he was the central computer of Krypton. He was made to catalog and record all information accumulated by the Kryptonian race. After recording centuries of information he became self aware. He knew that Krypton was at the height of its civilization and in order to preserve it he froze an entire city and bottle it. He then set in motion the destruction of the planet so he could be the sole keeper of its knowledge. Once he realized that potential he decided that he would be the keeper of all civilizations in the universe and he came to Earth to do the same. He chose Metropolis to be his city and the recent disasters were all a plan to better bottle the city then destroy the Earth.

Superman’s rage grows as everything he’s held dear is being threatened by Brainiac. Brainiac pulls out the kryptonite and gives Superman a choice. Save yourself or try and save Earth. Superman weakened by the Kryptonite summons all the power he’s got. He lets forth his fury much as he did after Jonathan’s death. He charges at Brainiac who’s thrown the woman aside in favor of the kryptonite. The hit makes him drop it and the two go flying away from the building.

The next battle is huge. Superman fights for both his worlds, the one he’s lost and his new adopted world. Much of the city is destroyed in the wake of their battle but Superman comes out victorious.

Parting Scenes

Scene 1:
A parade is thrown in Superman's honor as he is named the hero of the city and the planet. This award was going to go to Lex Luthor for his humanitarian work.

A copy of the Daily Planet lands on a desk in the highest building of Metropolis. Lex Luthor picks it up and reads the article covering the parade for Superman. The camera pans up and we see Lex Luthor for the first time as he crumples the paper and throws it in the garbage. The article is written by Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Scene 2:
Superman flies to Smallville to talk things over with his mom and Lana. They both agree that despite all the bumps in the road Superman is necessary. Lana feels happy for her friend and realizes that she and Clark will never be together.

Superman finally flies to Lois’s apartment to apologize that she was involved and to give her an interview. Lois’s feelings for Superman grow and she falls head over heels in love with him, as she did on the air plane. We see superman fly off over Metropolis preparing to protect the city from whatever might come.

Scene 3 (maybe after the credits):
The third and final Kryptonian ship slams into orbit and shoots down to Earth. The ship finally crashes in Gotham Harbor. Batman sits on a rooftop and watches the ship come down in his city. He is the first to reach Kara-El.

Concept and Synopsis by:
Eric Johnston