I Spent The Night With Supergirl

So some of you may have seen that I recently uploaded a picture I made of a realistic looking Supergirl. I got a little crazy with this picture and I wrote an interview with Supergirl at would appear in the Daily Planet. I even made a Daily Planet with this article in it. You can view the Daily Planet this article is from here.

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But this is the text to the interview with Supergirl.

By Guest Reporter: Eric Johnston
Let me start right now by saying that I did not sleep with Supergirl. I’m a graphic designer at the Daily Planet so I have no writing or photography experience. With that said I’ll move on.

It was late on Sunday night and I was in the storage room of the Daily Planet.

We have become accustom to the constant fights between meta-humans in Metropolis, so it was no surprise to me when I saw Supergirl floating outside the window.

She didn’t seem to be fighting anyone nor did she seem ill-at-ease.
Being the young 23 year old male that I am I went to the window and opened it up thinking I might get a chance to talk with this uncanny hero.
To my surprise I got way more than I bargained for. Turns out that Kara was just looking for someone to talk to and came to the one place she felt comfortable to tell her story.

The following is the interview between myself and Kara Zor-El, the last daughter of the planet Krypton.

So um, what are you doing here Supergirl?

I’m tired of being this mysterious girl that everyone has so many assumptions about. I want to set the record straight. Can you help me with that?

Um, I’m not a reporter.

Can you find me one, anyone that I can just talk to?

It’s very late, I’m sorry, Supergirl, everyone has gone home for the night.

Oh I see...

Ugh, maybe I can help you. I’ve been told I’m a good listener.

Great! You’ll be able to get this into the paper?

Oh goodness, I’ll try I guess. I’m not a great writer but maybe just the content alone can help us.

Thanks so much!

[I invited her into the building and we sat down to conduct the interview, thinking ahead I grabbed a camera for a photo as well but we’ll get to that later].

So, Supergirl what is it that you want to tell the world?

Call me Kara.

Oh . . . yes of course Kara. What is it that you want to set straight?

Gosh, where to start? My cousin always says that its good to start at the beginning so I’ll guess I’ll do that. As I’m sure many of you know, I came here from Krypton and I’ve been here for almost 4 years now.

Yep, please go on.

Well in my time here I’ve been in your newspaper over four-hundred-seventy-three times. Each time has been about some battle or something that I’ve done whether it be right or wrong.
I guess I just want to be in the paper for once and be just a normal girl. Like on page five of yesterday’s issue you had a story about a girl who saved a cat from a tree.
I mean I do that stuff all the time but that girl didn’t fly up to the cat, she didn’t break the tree in half and let the cat crawl out on its own. She just got a ladder and climbed to the top and picked her up.
Lately I ask myself would I be ‘super’ if I didn’t have any powers? Really what I want to know, Eric, is am I a good person?

Wow, of course you are, Super, um, Kara. You’ve saved so many people and you’ve fought along side heroes like the Justice League and Superman.

But that’s just it. I’ve fought with them and I’ve been associated with my cousin for so long just because I wear this ‘S’ on my chest. But what do people really think of me for me? When I’m not with them and I’m on my own people still lump me in with them. Don’t get me wrong, they are all amazing people but if there wasn’t a need for us to do what we do, what kind of person would I be?

I think what you have to ask yourself then, Kara, is why do you fight and alternately what would you do if you weren’t doing this?

Hm, I’ve never thought about why I fight. I mean I know why I chose to wear the ‘S’ and why I’ve adopted the name Supergirl, but I’ve never stopped to think why it is that I fight.

Guess for me then.

Ok, fair enough. I think I fight because with these powers I feel an obligation to use them to help those that are less fortunate. I mean besides my cousin there aren’t many people that can play catch with a freight train right?

Ha, yeah I suppose you are right. So you think you have an obligation to do this then?

Well wouldn’t you if you had the kind of abilities I do?

I don’t know I guess so. But answer the second part of my question. What would you do if you didn’t have these powers?

They are abilities.

Sorry, abilities.

Well I don’t know.

Please think about it. You’re what 18 now?

19, almost 20.

Think about what other almost 20 year old women do. Does any of that appeal to you?

Well I do have a great love for shopping.

So do the other 200 million Americans, think hard.

Ok, ok. I think I would join an organization or something. I mean I’ve been on a lot of teams before like the Teen Titans, the Titans and even the Justice League for a while and even though I didn’t always fit in the best it was nice having that kind of support while doing something for the people.

So you want to be on a team or something?

Well yeah, the teamwork was good but there was something about all of us working for a common goal. You know I think that I would want to join like the peace core or work for the YWCA or a Women’s Shelter or something. I bet it would be a lot like working on a superhero team.

So you’re telling me that you would want to help people regardless of having powers or not?

I didn’t think of it like that, I mean I wanted to be a part of something meaningful and working with others.

But all the options you gave me were choices that would provide help and care for others.

[She pauses for a moment. I can see her thinking hard about the realization she’s come to. It was in this moment that I took her picture. In all her power er, abilities as she would say, she had to know I was taking her picture. None the less she seemed to look surprised and yet content all at once. Her eyes looked passed the camera and I could feel her looking at me. I think in that moment we both understood what it was Supergirl was getting at. This interview wasn’t for everyone else, it was for her. Every hero has come across the same question before “why do I fight?” and for Kara this was her moment.]

You know, I think I’ve gotten what I wanted from this. You don’t have to worry about getting this into the paper.

Oh, ok right. You know though Kara, not everyone would feel an obligation to use power for good. Just the word obligation relates to something that is less desired. I think even with all your abilities you put yourself in harms way time and time again for this planet and if nothing else, thank you.

[She says nothing, stands and moves toward the window.]

Kara, I think you're a great person. Abilities or not.

Thanks, I needed that.