Greetings, everyone!

I have created this world to celebrate the growing musical sensation that is VOCALOID! If you don't know what that is, let me tell you!
Vocaloid started out as a computer program in which you can input music and lyrics, and a charming little computerized voice will perform them for you.
It started out with just one voice, the adorable Hatsune Miku, but has grown to include many loveable and popular members! ♥

I have dedicated this world to them so that we, as fans, may discuss them and their songs as much as we please. This means I will allow plenty of guest posters, so don't be afraid to ask to be one! ♥

Rules: As long as everyone's nice and appropriate about things, anything goes! Just, PLEASE, be nice ^__^; And keep things PG-13 or so ^___^;;


Character Intro Two! Rin and Len!

Time for another intro!

These are the Vocaloid twins, the sassy but sweet Kagamine Rin, and the boyish but very cute Kagamine Len!
They are the stars of the previously posted videos ^.^
Now, there is an argument going on about whether or not Rin and Len are twin brother and sister. I would like to think that they are, as they share their age (fourteen), look almost exactly alike, and have the same family name.
But there are a lot of racy fanart out there of the two, so that may be why people don't want them to be related.
Their family name has a meaning, too! "Kagami" means "mirror," and "ne" is a word for sound. This name implies that each sibling's sound is a mirror of the other, which is true because they have the same voice! Len's is just lower in pitch ^w^
Len's favorite food is banana, while Rin's is lemon.
Very cute, right? And their voices are lovely :3

Len and Rin Kagamine songs

A good single that Rin did is Meltdown:

And a good Len single is Spice:

One of their many good duets is Kokoro (originally done by just Rin):

And one of their amazing covers is Manet (originally done by Miku and Luka):

I hope you enjoy the videos!

~Momiji Fangirl


This is a cute and cheerful song by the one and only Hatsune Miku! Enjoy!

Character Intro One: Miku!

This is Hatsune Miku!

The very first Vocaloid, this little diva is sixteen years old. She has blue-green hair and eyes of the same color, as you can see! Isn't she cute?!
Her favorite food is the leek ^.^
Her voice is sweet and refreshing, though at times she can be very fiesty! >w<
Absolutely adorable, am I right? ♥