This entire world will be full of Leon X Yuffie! Also known as Squaffie! I'll have fanfics, pics, videos, and more! To start I have a squaffie video that I made!

So heres the brand NEW Squaffie banner!

Happy late New years (squaffie pic)

Happy late new years

New Squaffie Picture! XD

I like this one!
I made a few days ago!
I tryed to make them hug.
So I hope ya all like it!

Asking for writters!


Ok So I'm wanting to write another Squaffie Fan-fics, But wanted to have some other writers help. Like we all write a squaffie fan-fic together? Kinda of like I would write one part & another person would help fill in any blanks. I'm not so sure how it'll turn out but I think it'll be fun. Plus I don't really like my fan-fic at the moment! XD

Possible Squaffie project possibilitys:

Fan-fics :D

Journal style entrys from either Leon X yuffie fans or them

Mabye a short story of them

or perhaps a joined manga?

~I was just hoping to start a small squaffie writting group. I know it sounds kinda dumb, but I think it'll be fun. But it's fine if you don't want to join in. Like if you don't like Leon X Yuffie, or if u just plain don't want to.~


Chapter 1: Another Girl

Yuffie and Leon headed down the steps to meet with Cid, Aerith, Cloud, and Merlin. "So how was your date last night?" Yuffie asks as she teases him. "None of your business! Why do you want to know anyways?" Leon snaps back. They sta...

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Picture from KH 2 Manga (Leon looks at Yuffie)

This is from a page in the Kingdom Hearts 2 manga!
The way Leon looks at Yuffie is really cute!!