This entire world will be full of Leon X Yuffie! Also known as Squaffie! I'll have fanfics, pics, videos, and more! To start I have a squaffie video that I made!

So heres the brand NEW Squaffie banner!

Distraction!!! (+ Fanfic update)

Yeah I think I spelt that wrong! XD Oh well! Time to distract you all with my a Squaffie video I made, and a pic I made useing Paint Shop pro! ...

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Prologue (For the FanFic) *Pic included*

*This is how Yuffie And Leon met! Or at least how i'm makeing them meet. BTW if there are any missspelled words, then I apologize early.* PROLOGUE Years ago...? ...

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Update on fanfic!

Heres an uptade on the progress of the fanfic!
The chapters will be posted on 1 page! As in i'll have chapter 1 on a page, so all of the chapter will be in one page! The chapters are also going to be really short! But some may be longer than the other. If I think it'll be really long, then I'll seperate it into parts.
I will soon have a prologue for the fanfic up really soon.

My Fanfic! Coming Soon!

I will be starting a Squaffie Fanfic soon! I'm working on Chapter one now!
My spelling in it may be off a bit though!^O^
But I will also have either a Picture or video I make to go with each chapter!
This is my first time writting a Fanfic so it might not be good...
That and it's my first time putting one on here so I need to figure out how to post the different chapters. If you can help me, I would be super happy!
Well the first chapter is Coming Soon!

Squaffie Love Wallpaper I made!

I made this last Week!
So I thought I'd post here first!
I'm not Submiting it until I have at least 4 comments on it!
So I know that it's good!