Hey yeah, this world is for you to comment on these songs that I have found. Tell me what you think of them. If you have some songs you want to see on here, I'll try to find them, and put them on there, just leave a comment with your request.

The Sailor Song

oooh this brings back sooo sooo many memories.

I love this song.

Like A Robot

I like this song its awesome, but this nightcore version is just catchy. its stuck in my head xD


The wheels on the bus like you never heard it before. Kinda horrible, but awesome. You know, its like a car accident, you want to look away but you just can't seem to. Enjoy ^.^


Wow, I am totally fangirling right now. I just heard this song and I'm like speechless. It's not really the song, but more as that it is a song by The Lonely Island!!! One of my favorite music people ever!!! I mean seeing this video and hearing the song and seeing them made me want to cry tears of joy!!!! I mean its been so long ago since I saw something new from them and now that I've seen it I'm like overloading with fangirlism!!! xD

So enough of that here it is!!!

Where did you sleep last night?

Epic song by NIRVANA! xD

So, where did you sleep last night? lol