This world is were I will post things that are going on in my life, my thoughts, any ideas I have, or any funny and inturesting videos I find plus my own characters, sketches and such. Have fun with it! now watch my awsome star power!!!!!


I love this video!!

Cloud x Lightning

IDK why but i like this video even though I am not a Final Fantasy fan.

Thank you!!

Well yesterday I got my 100th subscriber on The O. I am very happy and proud of my self for this so thank you all of my subscribers. Thank you Blindloverr713 for being my 100th. I love everyones support and friendship, I just cant thank you enough.

hi people

Ok! so about 2 weeks ago, me and my friends went to Anime Detour. I cosplayed as Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist.This was my first convention. We walked around and looked at cosplay and bought stuff. I got a Yoko Matsushida art book( the person that writes Yami No Matsuei),a Kon plush backpack, an FMA fanbook, Hetalia paint it white DVD with the green bandana, and fox ears. I also got to see my sister's that I havent seen in a whole year! They changed alot and it really made me sad to leave them. I got to spend the whole day with her and she bought me a Alphonse plushie. My older sister Britt was dressed as some chick from Gurren Laggen. My other sister Alex didn't cosplay. It was really suprizing to find out shes 18 and shorter than me.

My sister Brittany :)


I will combine my other world "my home" to this world so that world will be deleted after being combined to this world :).