This world is were I will post things that are going on in my life, my thoughts, any ideas I have, or any funny and inturesting videos I find plus my own characters, sketches and such. Have fun with it! now watch my awsome star power!!!!!

fullmetal alchemist video 3

fullmetal alchemist video 2

full metal alchemist video 1

I found this really weird video and wanted to share it. They come in a series so I want to find the others.

cafe map

Heres what my sister wants the cafe to look like from top view. she said if she put cake in diffrent places around te cafe people would keep coming over to eat her cake.I'm also sorry if you can't read it, I have such messy writing.
We would also like any ideas that you might have or pointers.


My little sister and I where watching a documentary on jellyfish and then she says that she wants to touch one just to see what it feels like. I think my sister is strange because she said a long time ago that she wants to go to new York and open up a cafe called " the princess palace". She said she would name it that so no guys would go in to it. She also said that she would have a big tank of jellyfish so she could touch them when she wants to. Three years later and she then wants to turn it into a story called " from my princess view".
She makes it sound interesting so I will post it up when I have time.
I'll start with the sketches of the cafe.
I'm not sure if we will write anything though.