Welcome, dear friends, to the world that hosts the collective works of Axel. (Starscream) Here you will find many creative pieces of writing, from fan-fiction, to poetry. Sit back, relax and feel free to partake of any free snackums on that table over there... --->

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Flirtatious Oaf

Published on September 12, 2008. -------------------------------- Maybe it was the drink talking, but Zapher was finding Axel hotter than usual. He curled his arm around her shoulders and gave her the biggest grin he...

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Carlos the Film Maker

Published on September 11, 2008. ------------------------------------- Daniel was sat admiring the pilot lounge’s brand new internet suite from afar. He always thought that the place could use a bit of somethin...

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The Struggle of Steranis

Published on September 09, 2008. --------------------------------- It finally happened… The metallic taste of blood and the searing pain of the blade that had been plunged through Steranis’ chest was the...

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Memories And Sorrow

Published on April 15, 2007. --------------------------------- The giant robotic creature blinked its heavy metallic eyelids. It stood in quiet contemplation as it slowly turned its head to look at the scene before i...

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Soaps Are Fun

Published on March 24, 2007. ------------------------------ “No Gregg! Don’t give Chris the magazines! You want to give them to Arelliat...

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