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Save Anime and Manga!

Back in late April, Otaku USA and a few news sources reported about the petition seeking to push the United Nations to illegalize the worldwide distribution of anime and manga (excl. in Japan). Good news is now there is a petition to crusade against this terror. To defend your freedom to watch anime and read manga, please sign this force-of-good petition at change.org.

1:57 PM Canada ET

Anime Online Viewing Status of 6/06/2015

Today, I finished watching Fleet Girls Collection - KanColle Animation Sequence. It is one of the best family cartoon shows Japan has to offer up to date. I hope it gets an official R1 DVD release, and I look forward to seeing the the series' sequel.

In the meantime, I still have Gundam Reconguista in G to finish watching. I believe I'm still at episode 8.

10 Years of My membership

Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of my joining theOtaku.com. Time sometimes feel like it sure goes fast.

5:58 PM Canada ET

News: Worldwide Distribution of anime and manga maybe in Danger

Today is a sad day for otaku communities worldwide. For according to Otaku USA's website, a jerk in Berlin launched a petition intended to persuade the United Nations into making the international distribution of all anime and manga illegal, alleging that anime and manga threaten the morality of young people. So far, only 385 people signed the petition itself, but let's hope the ban never happens for our sake and for the sake of the Japanese media. I mean, hasn't Japan suffered enough?

5:38 PM Canada ET

Some 50 Shades Fun

Today is Valentine's Day, and yesterday was the release of the movie 50 Shades of Grey. Anyway, here's a fun feature for all you 50 Shades lovers out there. Imagine love couples from cartoons and comics performing their takes on this now popular romance film, things would go like this:

Jake and Lady Unicorn from Adventure Time=50 Shades of Jake
Clark Kent and Lois Lane from DC Universe=50 Shades of Clark
Stan and Francine from American Dad=50 Shades of Stan
Green Arrow and Black Canary from DC Universe=50 Shades of Green
Barry Allen and Iris West from DC Universe=50 Shades of The Flash
Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy from Marvel Universe=50 Shades of Cat
Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince from DC Universe=50 Shades of Bat
Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter from Marvel Universe=50 Shades of Steve (or 50 Shades of Cap)
Ash Ketchum and Serena from Pokemon XY=50 Shades of Ash (except the two trainers would need to be adults in order to star in a version of 50 shades of Grey)
Homer and Marge from The Simpsons=50 Shades of Marge
Scott Summers and Jean Grey from Marvel Universe=50 Shades of Scott (or 50 Shades of Jean, either way works fine)
Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris from DC Universe=50 Shades of Hal
Freddy Jones and Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo=50 Shades of Fred
The Joker and Harley Quinn from DC Universe=50 Shades of Clown
Bruce Banner and Betty Ross from Marvel Universe=50 Shades of Hulk
Sonic and Amy Rose from Sonic X=50 Shades of Rose
Van Fannell and Hitomi and Hitomi from Vision of Escaflowne=50 Shades of Van

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!

2:41 PM Canada ET