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News: IDW To Publish Its First Ongoing Star Trek

Over the years, IDW Publishing has been publishing several "Star Trek" comic book miniseries. If you have seen and enjoyed the 2009 movie "Star Trek", you are goona' like the good news as IDW Publishing will launch this September, its first ongoing-type "Star Trek" comic book series. Despite the title completely reading "Star Trek", this new series will be set after the events of the film, thereby expanding its timeline of setting further. That's not all, this will be IDW's next venture in teaming up with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the writing duo of 209 Trek film) on a "Star Trek" project, and keep note that some issues will present new twists on adventures in 1966's "Star Trek" (better known as "Star Trek: The Original Series").

Source: TrekMovie.com

3:01 PM Canada EST

News: John Cho Turns 39

Today, John Cho, actor who played Hikaru W. Sulu for 2009's "Star Trek", turns 39 years of age. Currently, he's reprising the role of Harold Lee for "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" (third film of the "Harold & Kumar" seires), which is scheduled for release on November 4. More recently, he is currently taking part in the cast of the upcoming remake of the 1990 Sci-Fi film "Total Recall", which is scheduled for release on August 3, 2012.

6:15 PM Canada EST

News: Star Trek Video Game For 2012 Release

Today, TrekMovie.com announces that Paramount Digital Entertainment has joined forces with Canada-based video game manufacturer Digital Extremes of "Boishock 2" fame, U.S.-based film studio Bad Robot, and K/O Paper Products to develop a new action-combat video game for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 intended for release sometime in 2012. Though the game will be called simply "Star Trek", Paramount Home Entertainment indicates that this new "Star Trek" game will feature a new original story set in the universe of the 2009 film "Star Trek" with Marianne Krawczyk of "Gof of War" fame to colloraborate with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the writers of the 2009 Trek film) to develop the story itself. As for gameplay, it will feature a co-op experience where players take on the roles of James T. Kirk and Spock.

1:22 PM Canada EST

News: Propworx's 2nd Star Trek Auction

If you are a "Star Trek" fan who likes to order merchandises online, here's a piece of news for you! Yesterday, TrekMovie.com revealed that on Saturday, June 4, Hollywood auction house Propworx will be hosting its 2nd "Star Trek" memorabilia aucti...

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News: John Billingsley Turns 51

Today, "Star Trek" actor John Billingsley turns 51. He's known for playing the Denobulan Dr. Phlox for 2001's "Star Trek: Enterprise". After the show's cancellation, he played guest roles in a number of T.V. series (incl. "24" and "Prison Break") as well as appearing in roles in films (incl. "2012"). If you want to see more of his actor performances, he will take part in the casts of in three upcoming independent movies ("Sironia", "Trade of Innocents", and "Red Line"), according to TrekMovie.com.

10:06 PM Canada EST