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Starfleet Forumdock: Your Thoughts on Star Trek Animated

It's been a few months since I last posted anything in Star Trek Nation, but don't worry, Trekkers, because it's still around. Anyway, I post today, another forum topic of discussion, and this one's about the Star Trek franchise's first ever animated series installment: 1973's Star Trek (better known as "Star Trek: The Animated Series"), which turned 40 last month and is the T.V. series that centred around the last months of the U.S.S. Enteprise NCC-1701's five-year mission of exploration, the mission around which much of the 1st Star Trek T.V. series is centred.

Here are some questions to think about as you take part in the discussion: What are your favorite ST: TAS episodes or moments? Any favorite characters in the show? What are your thoughts on the story content compared to other Star Trek shows (ex: do you find the show to share the same level of serious and sophisticated content as its predecesor series)? Do you feel the show could have ran for more episodes than it already had (it lasted for 22 episodes) so as to give viewers a larger view the the entire final year of the NCC-1701's 5-year mission? Was it amoung the best Star Trek series you've seen? Given that this show was intended for a family-viewing audience when it was produced, would you recommend this show for youth audiences looking for non-comedic action/adventure animated programs to watch (at least on DVD), especially in an age where much of the North American T.V. networks are apparently experiencing a decline in space for North American-produced Saturday morning animated programs? Would you recommend this for adults looking for North American-produced non-comedic action/adventures animated programs to watch, especially in a time where adult animation of the western world is still being dominated by comedy-types? Do you think Star Trek could use another shot in having an animated series produced later in the future?

2:04 PM Canada EST

News: Classic Star Trek Named Favorite Classic TV Show by TV Guide

While browsing around for Star Trek-related content at StarTrek.com earlier this evening, I had found out that Star Trek: The Original Series had won the Fan Favorites Award for "Favorite Classic TV Show", based on votes from TV Guide Magazine readers. If you're curious about what this legendary 1966 show went up against during the Awrds event by TV Guide, the other nominees weren't mentioned, so just pick up a copy of the Fan Favorites Awards double issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Congrats to the original Star Trek series on its victory, and may its greatness live long and prosper.

11:40 PM Canada EST

News: Comic Book Prequel to 12th ST Movie Coming January 2013

For all you Star Trek fans and moviegoers looking forward to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, scheduled to come out May 13 2013, just a reminder to mark your calendars for January 2013 as it will mark the launch of the 4-i...

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The New Header For Star Trek Nation

When I first started this WORLD at theOtaku.com, I had inserted a shot of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E as a header for the homepage. However, thinking back to my work on the intro pages I worked on for theOtaku.com WORLDs Leijiverse 999 and DC...

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News: A Story of Vulcan's Revenge Coming 2012

In the beginning, IDW Publishing launched an ongoing comic book titled simply "Star Trek" with the plan to re-imagine the events all episodes of the original "Star Trek" T.V. series for the timeline introduced in the 2009 film "Star Trek" while being a sequel to the film itself. According to StarTrek.com, this comic book series will be taking a break from re-imagining events of the classic T.V. series in March 2012 to feature a two-part story called "The Vendetta Conspiracy", in which the Vulcan people who survived the destruction of their homeworld by the crew of the Romulan ship Narada in the 2009 ST film find themselves split in two sides: those who are just trying to move on to safer times and those thirsty for revenge against the Romulans. This story will be told in Issues 7 and 8 of IDW's ongoing "Star Trek".

Also in March, the IDW ongoing comic book series "Star Trek" will have its first six issues collected in its first tradepaperback volume. Issues 1-2 are based on "Where No Man Has Goen Before" (the 2nd pilot episode filmed for the original "Star Trek" series), Issues 3-4 based on original "Star Trek" series episode "The Galileo Seven", and issues 5-6 based on the series' season 1 finale episode "Operation: Annihilate!".

12:50 PM Canada EST