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News About U.S.S. Dsicovery

Some of you may that CBS Studios will be launching a Star Trek webseries in early 2017 with it taking place in the Star trek universe's Prime timeline. It's called "Star Trek: Discovery", and its co-creator Bryan fuller has something for us to take note of regarding the protagonal ship's design. Read his comment below:

"I think J.J. Abrams, in the 2009 movie, really launched a fantastic reimagining of what Star Trek could be in that Kelvin timeline. And so as we were looking to have something distinct about what our Star Trek was going to look [like], we looked back at -- there was an abandoned Star Trek series in the '70s. It was actually for a movie. And Ralph McQuarrie had done some wonderful illustrations, and we saw those and saw sort of harder lines of a ship and started talking about race cars and Lamborghinis in the '70s and James Bond cars and started working on the designs, taking those inspirations and coming up with something completely unique to us."

Visit IGN to see the teaser video for Star Trek: Discovery so you can see its hero ship in full.

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