Hey there. Im new at this so bare with me lol

Name: Chyanne - Chy [shy] for short XD
Birthday: December 4th
Whereabouts: Australia
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Favorite Interests: Drawing [mainly anime], watchin anime or horrors XD, listening to music, reading/manga.
Favorite Anime: So much dont know where to start...um Bleach, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, D.Grey Man, Elfen Lied, Full Metal Alchemist, Any Studio Ghibli stuff XD...just a few off the top of my head...
Favorite Manga: Rosario + Vampire, Loveless, Hell Girl, Fruit Baskets, Deadman Wonderland, Absolute Boyfriend (haha), D.Grey Man...
Favorite Music: Hardcore/Alternative/Punk/Rock/Metal etc...
Favorite Things To Do: Act stupid/random/spaztic, freak out people with my appearance(I have quite a lot of piercings XD) or personality, obsess over anime [I can be very obsessive!!!], hang out with my bestest friends

Not sure what else to put...if I think of anything Ill come back!!!

Okay Check It Out

Ok so I was lookin at some peoples profile and such (I like new people) and I was on this one and in one of their world was a video...now I recommend you watch it...its beautiful...really cute and a bit sad but I think its wonderful...its called 'Draw With Me'
Id like to thank 'saki 1234' for posting this wonderful video and I highly recommend you watch it <3

It can be found in saki 1234's world or I found it on YouTube!