Stimulating: transitive verb: To encourage to greater activity or growth.

Colloquioalism: noun: An informal word or phrase that is more common in conversation than in formal speech or writing. ex. "slang"

Oxymoron: noun: A phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together.

Gullible: adjectivenoun: One whome is decieved into entertaining subsequent posts.

Thank you.

Here is where I entertain my profoundly poor prose and poetry. Guest exhibition embraced.

Hot Without A Heart

Hot Without A Heart

Let’s confirm the fixture of me and my billionaire flyboy,
As homogeneous a mixture as his gold-titanium alloy.
The modern man, but all American, the hot-rod red Kilroy,
He’s the Black Sabbath ploy, the one-man convoy: my boy in a toy who knows no coy.

He wears his heart out on his sleeve as his tool of self-redeeming,
With an empathy that reaches just as far as a glass half empty.
Nonetheless, I’ll look past his alcoholism and promiscuity.
His nuts and bolts just turn me on, he’s everything I need.

He promised he’d closed his weaponries faction,
Then how’ve I been hit with such fatal attraction?
As if his genius and looks weren’t enough for distraction,
He beams like a sexy care bear of arc reaction!

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s not the man of steel.
It’s the only man I know that can merit the way I feel.

Smooth in and out, that’s no veneer. What more can you demand,
Than the man that makes the suit that makes the man?

So, here’s to Tony Stark,

My Tin-Man and my lark,

Still hot without a heart.

To Peace.

Ok. IIII need to explain this. While I love Iron Man and Tony... romantically, not so much. More like inspiration. I'm going to be Iron Man when I grow up. 8D But, seriously. Never "look past" someone's alcoholism or promiscuity. They make for very unhealthy and possibly dangerous relationships for both girls and guys. Alcoholism is bad, promiscuity and infidelity are bad. Ok? Ok. Goody.

But here's what happened: Iron Man has been one of my heroes since 2008 (Wolvy is first and I've loved Bixby's/Ferrigno's Hulk for years and love Whedon and Ruffalo for finally bringing him to the big screen the right way XD). But ever since my sister saw Avengers she thinks Tony is hers all of a sudden. B/ She went out and bought a bunch of Iron man stuff just to spite me. So when I went looking for a new Iron man shirt because my old was...old, she tries to buy it out from under me! I say tried because she didn't have any cash on her but talked my older sister into buying it and promised to pay her back. Well, that sister decided that since she'd actually payed for it she had rights and decided to hold a contest to see who loved him more. Whomever wrote the best love poem to Ironman wins the shirt. Sappy/corny wins points. This is my poem. And I hope, for your sake, that it is the worst poem you have seen.

Other than "An Ode To The Small Green Lump of Puddy I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morn." HHGttG X)

"To Peace" was meant to be a picture I saw somewhere but couldn't find again. It's little drawing someone did of Tony from that opening scene field test scene and he's raising a glass with the caption tp peace. I thought it was fun and summed up Tony pretty well. Oh well. It's probably someone's avatar from here now that I think about it....

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

With a “BEEP” and a “DOINK” and a “WHOOSH” and a Light,
He walks into the life that, for now, is not mine.
And I stand all alone in a room made of white,
Not myself, while myself that’s not me makes things right.

Most people on here are probably too young to know what this is alluding to. It's a television show called "Quantum Leap". It began airing two weeks after I was born, literally. I used to watch it with my mom a few years later, already on reruns by then. It was one of those shows that was a lot of fun and had tons more potential but idiot network executives pulled it anyway, 5 seasons in. And unlike most shows who need to pulled after 5 seasons for their own good *coughsupernaturalcough* this one was going strong and just as much fun. It would take a lot of time to explain the plot, but reruns are playing on G4 right now, and it's worth checking out. It's a little '90s, but I honestly think it's something that this crowd could really get into, possibilities are endless. But if you do


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