Welcome to my world~

Hello. I am Summer Daydream, the artist formerly known as Thyme Girl. But you can call me other things, like Thyme, TG, Summer, Vale, or whatever you like.

Thank you for taking you time to visit this world! I greatly appreciate it! This is my main world, where I post random things about my life. My updates are sporadic, however, since I'm a horrid procrastinator. I also tend to fall off of the face of the earth often. But don't worry, you can usually find me over at Tegaki or Tumblr.

Some info about me:
*Age: 17
*Birthday: 2/15/96
*Grade: 11th
*TheOtaku status: Otaku Eternal
*Hobbies: Doodling, daydreaming, being an idiot, other crap...
*Likes: Many things.
*Dislikes: Many things.
*Goals: To stop procrastinating on everything, to become a better artist and writer, yadda yadda...
*Defects: Blurts out incredibly rude things, has an unfathomably lame sense of humor, etc.

Here are my links:
*Check out my portfolio.
*Current Tegaki E account
*TG's DeviantART!

**If you want my contact info (MSN/Skype/Tumblr), please message me privately.


i'm suddenly an otaku eternal? what??? how even... i only visit here once every few months, and even then i don't do anything, cries...

i really don't know what happened to half the people i used to talk to on here. are you still here? have you moved on, too? i've said myself several times before that tumblr is my haven nowadays, with infrequent visits to deviantart and daily lurking on tegaki e.

i realized earlier this month that june marks the... what, 5th? year i've been on this site. i know i'm hideously inactive and i know i probably won't ever make a true 'comeback' to this site when it comes down to it, but i hope you guys are still doing well, wherever you are.



ggh idk what im going to do with this, but how is pgr faring nowadays? is the activity level still managing to limp along? how many of the veterans/oldest members remain?

i... have a good friend from another site who might join... ah, we each have a particular gijinka that weve been wanting to use for quite some time. ahaha theyve actually become a... pair... except the thing is theyre both the same gender and i dont remember if there was ever a definitive policy on that type of thing?

im blabbering but yeah....

@[email protected]

whoops, i forgot this place existed again. i mean, at this point its probably safe to say my time here is over, though im not planning on deleting my account. i really have no idea what most of you guys are up to as of now... i visit deviantart very sporadically and instead spend the majority of my time on tumblr and tegkai, ahah

theotaku often slips my memory, and idk what id contribute here other than some doodles ive done on tegaki?? i havent been drawing much more than sketches as of late since this school year has been a hectic one for me.

ahh, i could see if i can post some drabbles/stories or something though? i'unno.

ah hey

Hi guys, it's Thyme, Summer, whatever you call me! Wow, it's really nostalgic referring to myself as Thyme; nowadays, I'm called almost exclusively by my Tegaki account names UvU;;

I just wanted to say that I hardly go on this site anymore... so expect my updates here to be extremely few and far between, if any at all. I may post a sporadic art piece or two. Maybe.

Errr, I just want to say that I hope everyone still on this site is doing alright, and if you want to unfollow me, please feel free to! I don't want anyone still subscribed to my account that is only doing so because they feel obliged to. It's okay dears I will not be upset u3u

Uh, yeah. okay I'm just going to ollie out now /zoom

Holy Cannoli

I think this WORLD needs updating. You think this WORLD needs updating? No? Oh well.

You know, just a week shy of a month ago was my third theOtaku birthday. I would have completely forgotten had my inbox not contained the automated email promoting me to Otaku Legend status. I sort of sat there for a moment. How long had I waited for this? I remember my twelve-year-old self (Version Vibrant had just been launched back then so they didn't ask me to verify I was 13 lol;;) registering my account three and excitedly thinking of how I would celebrate the day I was promoted to Legend.

Now that that day has come, I found it... less spectacular than my expectations. But then I remembered all of the amazing people I met during my time here, and how I would have never gotten a true drive to draw had I not visited this site in the first place. Sure, I've "grown out" of this site, so to speak, and have moved on to Tegaki and deviantART. Yeah, I've contemplated deleting this account many a time before, especially as of late. But then I think... How could I ever forsake my roots? Oh gosh, I know I used to be a weeaboo (albeit a low-level one) when first starting out here, but hey, I can't erase my past.

Thank you, theOtaku, for the fun times while they lasted. I may not comment, talk, or favorite here much anymore, but I always, always look (lurk).