Just A Smile

This is just something I wrote a couple of years ago. It's a one-shot, and it only involves Gojyo and an OC...

Ever since the first day I saw him, I only wanted to make him smile. We were both half-breeds. True redheads. One parent was a demon, the other human. Half-breed children are said to bring pain and misfortune. I had been a happy child, though. Since I possessed a flame spirit, the other flame-weilders in my village accepted me.

I first met Gojyo on a sunny afternoon. I had wandered down to the beach because I was alone. The ocean always accepted me, though. I saw a boy, my age, standing on the water's edge. He looked so beautiful, and...alone. I began talking to him, and we became friends.

One evening, as we walked along the beach, hand-in-hand, I stopped. He turned to look at me. "What's wrong, Naoki?" "You've never once truly smiled," I said. I reached up to the scars on his face. He frowned and swatted my hand away. Turning his back, he said, "I have no reason for it." Tears welled up. "Just because you think you're alone doesn't mean you can't smile!" I screamed. I took off running to our secret place. He followed, calling my name.

When Gojyo reached me, I was crying. He put his arm around my shoulder. "Why is a smile so important to you?" he asked. I looked up, into his sunset-red eyes. Mine were reflected back. "When I was five, demons killed my mom because she loved a human. When I was fifteen, my whole village was wiped out. Megumi-san, Kenji-san,and Naohito-sensei, even Father! They all died! Because of me! But, you know, Kenji-san always told me to smile, no matter what. He said it was the only thing that can't be stolen from you," I said.

Suddenly, something unexpected broke through on Gojyo's face. It was a true smile. "Do my tears...Do they make you smile?" I asked. He leaned in close to answer. "Yes, but they also make me want to do something more." "What?" I asked, confused. "This," and with that, our friendship ended, and our love began.