HI *hugs reader* Thank you for choosing the suggestion box XD
you (the reader) can suggest what i draw and or create(wallpapers and ecards)
i unfortunaly do not do fan words
My novels/fan words are well.....nasty >XP
So Please Feel Free to comment on anything you would like to see XD
Thank You

the pic is where i got my screen id from XD
yes i own bunny pants XD


i need some insoiration !!!!
i wanna draw something cute with some naruto chibis?
what r some suggestions?

woot a contest

wootness im hosting my 1st contest
so lease join and check out the rules and require ments in my contest world XD

3rd topic

i wanna make a bleach wallpaper
so yeah

Thanks Vampp Boi

well u asked for it so here it is Soren Wallpaper i have used all my wallpaper submits so i will submit it tommorw and dedicate it to u hyper vampp boi ...

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Thanks Yachiruchan

well she asked for a one peice wallie and she got it here its is one piece Sanji zoro and luffy ...

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