AlexaClyne is a walking paradox and a frustrated artist who is easily excited by fangirl-worthy things... and dogs. She loves to have soundtracks to spice up her life and imagine herself in the movies/TV shows she has seen and loved. She is shy yet outgoing (a paradox, exactly), but can be anxious in social situations. She thought she wouldn't fit in the degree she took (Communication) but fell in love with it because she does enjoy writing and producing films or advertisements after all. She has a thing for scarves, long-sleeves and coats and wished that tropical weather would permit her to wear them the time.

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Be away for a week!

Hehe, I haven't updated here for a while. xD Anyway, I'll be gone for a week! I'm using the free internet in the airport. We're going to Cagayan de Oro for a festival in our church! (My first flight ever!) I'm also on Sem-break. Nothing much happened, really. I spent most of the time watching anime. xp I started watching FMA! Season 2. xD And I got to watch a lot of Detective Conan OVAs and Magic Files to pass the time. :) Our flight's delayed, so I'm enjoying the internet for the time being. xp And so, I'm also on hiatus until I get back. :) It's not like you guys will miss me. xp You won't notice I was gone for sure. xDDD;


YO! I won the Math Quiz Ball. 8D T’was the first time I joined something like that (as well as most of us in the class xD) so I was completely shaking! xDD It was just held in school, for the high schoolers. Only five of us passed the eliminations, all in my class. TO THINK I WON WITH MY GUESSED ANSWERS OMFG. <333 LOL Y U NO FOLLOW UR INSTINCTS, MI-CHAN!? D8

Art-wise, I drew some chibis, and some of the commissions/requests in the to-do-list. xD Happy to have the tablet for more than a week. :dummy: School’s the usual, only that the Second Periodical Exams are next week, I BARELY studied (I slept a lot in school lately… and would just guess during quizzes. xD) and we have camping right before Sem-Break. D8 Busy busy.

A storm hit the country, again, and this time around the region where I lived. It wasn’t so strong where I live, but from the news, there were floods in some parts, in the city after our town, and some regions still have problems from the past storms. Let’s hope everything will end well.

I started watching Detective Academy Q! :la: It’s very amusing, and disturbing. o_o The training camp was completely horrible. HORRIBLE. OTL IT’S SO GRUESOME LOL. Oh no, it’s not bad, it’s just the images of the hacked students who did so to train the Q class was disturbing for me. Halved body, dismantled parts, good for gory lovers, bad for my health. But Kyuu is so smart. Love ‘im. ♥ Ryuu’s so cool and calm I CAN’T EVEN— :iconinloveplz: I guess I AM NOT fitted to be a detective. :giggle: I can’t take gory stuff. :ohnoes: A bit of spilled blood makes me sick. (Same reason I can’t be a nurse/doctor either. xD)


OH YEAH, I downloaded some Pokemon songs! xD I LOVE THE MASTER QUEST THEME. <3 Also Pokemon World, which is the Orange League Theme I believe. <333 OH GOSH THE POKERAP IS AWESUM. 8D


FFF, FLUFFY! xD We have a new puppy! xDD He's name is Fluffy, and is actually Beautie's great grandson and Prettie's grandson! xD But they're very mean to him. :( But I'm sure they'll all be in good terms soon! <3 FLUFFY IS SO FLUFFY. <333


And I just finished watching ATLA Book 3. HOLY SHIZZLES, AANG WAS JUST... D8 I couldn't close my mouth for a milisecond! And Azula was crazy. Literally. ANG HNNNNG, ZUKO. KATARA. TOOOOPH LOL TOPH. I was so noisy, my friends kept on scolding me. xD BUT T'WAS SO AMAZING. The Fire Lord? Pfft. Avatar's still better than you. xD LOL SOKKA, YOU CRAZY PERSON YOU. I shouldn't tell what happened, or I'd spoil the awesomeness. =w= Just one thing: Zuko and Katara sure are good at being ninjas. 8D

And because of that, I didn't get to do the laundry in the afternoon, and have to wash 'em clothes at night. I'm still wet, the fan's in the side and there's a possibility I'll get a cold. = 3 =

And we were suppose to be group studying... but hey, ATLA was GOOD. xD Maybe next time, books. x333

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WEEKEND! Hectic still, lol.

YAY WEEKEND! But my life's really been hectic. From school work, studies for a scholarship, issues with my brother (well he's special *like me? xD* and I have to keep an eye on him or trouble will happen.)and home work (I have tons of 'em to work on. No rest for me this weekend. ;_;) And oh, did I mention the projects and school activities? I'm deprived of sleep. = 3 =

After a few years, I decided to rewatch Avatar: The Legend of Aang and try to finish it (still unsuccessful with that) and I gotta say IT'S TOO AWESOME! OH ZUKO, YOU EMO GUY YOU! 8D I really wanna see how the series ends. I read on wiki (lol I'm a nerd) that something exciting happened. And there's gonna be a sequel featuring the new Avatar from the Water Tribe. Kinda hurts my feelings that the fact I won't see anymore of Sokka's sarcasm. lol. Yeah, I'll miss the ol' gang. ; 3 ;

I just recently came by this artist and she is JUST. SO. AMAZING. IN EVERY. WAY. YOU. MUST. SEE. HER. Nuff said. = 3 = Read her stories. They're heart-breaking. I'm even more motivated to do better as an artist and improve!

I hate Pokemon Emerald for having a corrupted... something. I CAN'T GO BEYOND THE DEFEAT OF THE ELITE FOUR! IT WOULD RESET! ; A ;
Gee, and I still should try out SoulSilver/HeartGold and Diamond/Pearl AAAAND Black and White! The first 2 generations are good enough for me. = v = All them Pokemonz are making me confuzzed. @_@ Oh well, they ARE awesome.

Oh yeah, I was commissioned by a former schoolmate to do an anti-trafficking poster. She needs it tomorrow morning so it got me a bit... uneasy? xD Well, I'll get paid for it. But I do wanna keep the drawing. lol, I'm crazy! xDDD

Well, need to be asleep in a few moments. Haha~ (already 1:30 AM)

Intramurals 2011

(lol late post lol. For the reason I wanted to put pictures in 'ere too, but never mind. xD)

Day 1:

Our team placed last on the banner raising because the rope wasn’t tied well. LOL. The parade was exhausting. Mr. and Miss Intramurals was fun and completely hectic. (Dressed up liek crazy. 8D) Still, I won the Miss Intramurals (OMGYAY! 8D). Cheer dance was fun despite the fact we were completely in chaos. Picture-taking. Danced a bit. I won in Scrabble. MY BROTHER FLIPPIN’ PLAYED CHESS. I never got to substitute in volleyball. D: We had ice cream to celebrate our achievements.

Day 2:

I got 3rd place for the declamation haha. ^^; It was nervous-racking lol. MY BROTHER PLAYED BADMINTON. Didn’t won though. xDD OUR TEAM’S SONG DUET WAS SOOOOOOO AWESOME. * v * TEFFY WAS ALSO AWESOME WITH HER ORATION PIECE. Badminton looked fun. Wish I could’ve played. Beat my brother in a chess game. And someone else. Heard our basketball team sucked lol. All the good players are in the other teams so it’s understandable. Kick ball game was fun to watch. Rain caused the games to stop.

Day 3:

Had the booths (I became the photographer for the Marriage booth xDD). Played longest line (it was wet and muddy so one of my shoe laces got really dirty! Dx), paint me a picture, trip to Jerusalem (for the team coaches). Awardings in the afternoon (got my medal for Scrabble), PTCA meeting, report cards (I got good grades! <3) then discoooo! xDD


... I kinda feel ignored? TALK TO ME. ;3;

*copied/pasted from my recent dA journal. I'm lazy u kno?*

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**Fluffeh-sama, know that you're the only one who's been talking to me amazingly a lot for the past months in theO.*


I kinda miss talking about stupid (and not so stupid) thingys with people. ;w;

I'm in the middle of our Monthly Exams, Intrams is also next week right after the exams(still need to memorize my declamation, prepare myself for Miss Intramurals, the Cheerdance, and other activities), NCAE the week after that (still have to review some more, especially Math and Science ;w;), and I CAN'T FLIPPIN' FIND THE LAST FOUR SONGS FOR THE CD PROJECT! D8< *head/desks*

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On the bright side... uhh... *thinks*

My classmates has given me lots of laughs. 8D It's fun to play hit-rock-paper-scissors (loser gets hit) with Yu-chan and Teffy~! <33 Also thumb-wrestling (Marc smashed my thumb, and Teffy wrestled my HAND xDD)

I should finish these three memes I've been working on: a character obsession meme, a shipping meme, and a Magic Kaito meme! 8D

... I need my Bamboo Tablet. OTL;;

Dad has it. D:


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The viola's pretty tiring to play. My shoulder cramps just after a few minutes of playing it. Dx I wonder how viola-ists manages to play it for a longer period. D8 But I think I'm improving with it. xP I drew all over my ol' acoustic guitar. :lol: It's pretty old, around 4-5 years old, and I'm thinking of buying an electric guitar (LES PAUL! 8D) so I though it's okay to doodle over the poor old thing. xD

*le sigh* I really wanna know how to make smoother line art and smoother yet crisp coloring. My drawing process is pretty messy. =3=


Oh yeah, I started watching Bokura ga Ita last night (borrowed my classmate's CD) and it was really pretty~! <333333 I love the art style/animation. <3