AlexaClyne is a walking paradox and a frustrated artist who is easily excited by fangirl-worthy things... and dogs. She loves to have soundtracks to spice up her life and imagine herself in the movies/TV shows she has seen and loved. She is shy yet outgoing (a paradox, exactly), but can be anxious in social situations. She thought she wouldn't fit in the degree she took (Communication) but fell in love with it because she does enjoy writing and producing films or advertisements after all. She has a thing for scarves, long-sleeves and coats and wished that tropical weather would permit her to wear them the time.

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... I kinda feel ignored? TALK TO ME. ;3;

*copied/pasted from my recent dA journal. I'm lazy u kno?*

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**Fluffeh-sama, know that you're the only one who's been talking to me amazingly a lot for the past months in theO.*


I kinda miss talking about stupid (and not so stupid) thingys with people. ;w;

I'm in the middle of our Monthly Exams, Intrams is also next week right after the exams(still need to memorize my declamation, prepare myself for Miss Intramurals, the Cheerdance, and other activities), NCAE the week after that (still have to review some more, especially Math and Science ;w;), and I CAN'T FLIPPIN' FIND THE LAST FOUR SONGS FOR THE CD PROJECT! D8< *head/desks*

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On the bright side... uhh... *thinks*

My classmates has given me lots of laughs. 8D It's fun to play hit-rock-paper-scissors (loser gets hit) with Yu-chan and Teffy~! <33 Also thumb-wrestling (Marc smashed my thumb, and Teffy wrestled my HAND xDD)

I should finish these three memes I've been working on: a character obsession meme, a shipping meme, and a Magic Kaito meme! 8D

... I need my Bamboo Tablet. OTL;;

Dad has it. D:


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The viola's pretty tiring to play. My shoulder cramps just after a few minutes of playing it. Dx I wonder how viola-ists manages to play it for a longer period. D8 But I think I'm improving with it. xP I drew all over my ol' acoustic guitar. :lol: It's pretty old, around 4-5 years old, and I'm thinking of buying an electric guitar (LES PAUL! 8D) so I though it's okay to doodle over the poor old thing. xD

*le sigh* I really wanna know how to make smoother line art and smoother yet crisp coloring. My drawing process is pretty messy. =3=


Oh yeah, I started watching Bokura ga Ita last night (borrowed my classmate's CD) and it was really pretty~! <333333 I love the art style/animation. <3

Yay Birthday!

First off, Otanjoubi Omedetto Inoue-san~! <33

We took make-up exams for Math yesterday. I hope I did well. ;w; Especially since my other test results are really bad… OTL; I have to do better this 2nd semester! >w<

We already started practicing for Intramurals. I have a lot to do, being the cheerleader, representative for Miss Intramurals, declamation, Boogle and a player in volleyball and badminton. OTL; Wish me all the best!

I got to finish Pokemon Battle Frontier! THAT FLIPPIN' “THE RETURN OF DARKRAI” MOVIE IS EPICALLY AWESOME ;w; <33333 THE ANIMATION JUST BLOWS ME AWAY. <3333 I'm on the way to the Pokemon League in Pokemon: Emerald, haha~ And the Pokemon Trading Card Game is really fun to play again. x3333 And I’m attempting to watch the anime Magic Kaito (I finished the whole manga series in a day some months ago x3 I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT <333) I also wanna see Bleach movie 4... AAAAARRRGGH, SO MANY GOOD STUFFLES TO SEE!!! ;;A;;

A week late post.

Suppose to update last week buuuuuut... *head/desks*

Exams are finally over! (A week ago lol) Definitely the worst Math exam ever! I’ve gotten even more lazy towards studying and cramming… And to think they were lessons from the past 3 years… ;w; I’m definitely not ready for college! ;A; I’m going to take a course that won’t require tons of memorization and equations! My grade for A.P. (Civics/Social Studies) is bad… ;3; Also Filipino… At least I got a nearly perfect score for English~ BUT MY MATH IS---! *cries forever*

Speaking of school, we’re all grouped now for Intramurals. I’m in group three, color orange. xP It’s pretty decent (the members), but we completely lack guys for the sports competitions. D: We’re mostly composed of tiny elementary students. Nearly all of the high school students are of below average heights. ;_; We’re so dead when it comes to physical activities… but we’ll get back with the mind games desu! I’ll surely go for Boogle again! <33 And Declamation… I’ve been doing it each year since freshman, so I’m doing it again for the fourth and last time. :> ASDFGHJKL IMMA GONNA BE THE MISS INTRAMS REPRESENTATIVE--- ! 8DDD

I wonder how college life would be for me? I really haven’t chosen which course to take, since I’m considering a lot of things. Will I enjoy it? Is it practical? Is it worth it? Which school should I study it? Is it within the budget? I’m really confused! ;A; I want to be an artist, a journalist, a photographer, an English teacher, a detective, a musician, a lawyer… I wish I do all of these at once! I also wanna try to be a working student while in college… eheehee~

I’m rewatching K-On! desu! (finished rewatching what I have downloaded last week too) I forgot how really cute and fluffy it was, ehehe~ It motivated me to practice my guitar even harder! And try out the drums~! <3 And wished I picked a better school to study in… =3=; It would be nice to be in clubs and have festivals and such~ My school completely sucks desu! My mom said it herself that my school’s standards wouldn’t pass DepEd if it was taken seriously. *nod nod*

My legs went completely dead last week. ;w; I went on an early morning (around 5 AM until 8 AM) jog with my classmates that Saturday. It was soooo tiring but quite an experience! We ate puto (it’s like onigiri! Although there’s a difference, haha~) and drank warm chocolate under the new bridge, had some picture taking! The sunrise was nice when we passed by the river. =w= I didn’t ask my parents permission so I got scolded over the phone while jogging. xD They went hiking this time, but since I wasn’t allowed to go I missed it. *cries forever*

IMMA INTO POKEMON AGAINZ! I got to see Diamond and Pearl, Battle Dimension and Johnto Journeys! <33 LOL BROCK. 8DDD

*le sigh* … LONG POSTS, Y U NO SHORT!?

60 Facts desu!

Stolen from Hulaberry32. xPP

1. Alexa’s real name is Ayin who wishes it wasn’t her only name.
2. Ayin is left-handed.
3. But even so, Ayin can play the guitar like a right-handed person.
4. Ayin’s left-eye can’t look to the left.
5. Ayin is one-month premature and was supposed to be born on August.
6. Ayin started scribbling when she was around two years old.
7. Ayin has tried Karate, Taekwondo and Arnis.
8. First Anime Ayin has ever seen was Pokemon.
9. Ayin started drawing Fan arts by 5th grade. It was initially Yu-Gi-Oh and the Prince of Tennis.
10. Ayin doesn't like to be serious.
11. Ayin is the eldest daughter and eldest granddaughter to her mother’s parents.
12. Ayin likes to say 'desu' with the 'u' pronounced.
13. Ayin only got her hair cut short once.
14. Ayin is allergic to shellfish, squid/octopus and spicy food.
15. Ayin easily forgets.
16. Ayin is good at washing dishes.
17. Ayin enjoys hanging around in bookstores and libraries.
18. Ayin loves dogs despite the fact a stray bit her twice one night when she was younger.
19. Ayin has a fear of heights, spiders, the dark and horror stories.
20. Ayin like reading horror stories. But hates it when her imagination runs because of it.
21. Ayin whines a lot and still acts like a 10-year-old kid.
22. Ayin likes swimming but cannot really swim.
23. Ayin stays up late a lot.
24. Ayin loves watching movies.
25. Ayin cannot stand cold weather.
26. Ayin gets hyper when she eats chocolates.
27. Ayin never gets fat despite eating six times a day.
28. Ayin has a hard time acting like a grown-up lady.
29. Ayin enjoys dressing up and would love to try cosplaying.
30. Ayin is cranky when tired or hungry.
31. Ayin cannot help but help people who needs help.
32. Ayin never got fail grades before.
33. Ayin is a fast-learner.
34. Ayin is usually late to class.
35. Ayin can’t finish what she started once she loses inspiration.
36. Ayin cannot do anything if she’s not in the mood.
37. Ayin likes trying different things.
38. Ayin is easily distracted.
39. But not applicable if Ayin is getting serious with drawing.
40. Ayin doesn’t like to be told what to do.
41. Ayin is emotional.
42. Ayin is close to her ‘Tatay’. (grandfather)
43. Ayin enjoys traveling a lot.
44. Ayin loves the camera, behind and in front of it.
45. Ayin wishes she’s good at handicrafts.
46. Ayin’s ways are messy and never carefully planned.
47. Ayin usually has a hard time making up her mind.
48. Ayin is smart but an idiot at the same time.
49. Ayin likes cute stuff.
50. Ayin likes music.
51. Ayin never been to an anime convention before.
52. Ayin never got to ride an airplane before too.
53. Ayin is comfortable wearing high-heels.
54. Ayin loves to go to bookstores.
55. Ayin likes midnight snacking.
56. Ayin is very thrifty.
57. Ayin is easily impressed.
58. Ayin has a missing permanent tooth.
59. Ayin enjoys grooming her dogs.
60. When Ayin talks to herself she uses ‘Mi-chan’ instead of Ayin.

Muzik desu.

Last week has been musically productive. I’ve gotten into playing the guitar again (haven’t played it much for a while; my calluses were all gone so my fingers hurt again!) along with some of my classmates. It was fun, jamming and having many guitars in the room. I learned a few songs (YAY!) and since the purpose for the guitar was for our practice (we’ll have a presentation by the end of the month, and I’m the guitarist. Actually it’s going to be an interpretative dance, and instead of a recorded song, we’ll go for live music. <3) we used our free time (and asked our teachers to use their time) for practice.

I had so MAANY projects but I got to finish them all~ <3 Now I have exams to worry about. xD

I saw Tron! It was epic. <3 It wasn’t so interesting until Sam was all grown up. It was pretty cool, especially the effects. X-Men First Class was really awesome too! Little Mystique was so cute~ And I like Professor Xavier. He sure is smart. xD I should finish watching Sucker Punch. It’s amazing so far~ I GOT TO SEE PONYO TOO <3 SO CUUUUUUUTE AND AMAZING. <3

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