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Yet I waste my time watching Detective Conan movies over and over again. xD It’s been an up-down week, so much school work, then my rivalry with a classmate (it’s fun and annoying lol xD) and I’d feel bad then feel okay, then the dastardly weather is just bah. xD

There’s toooons of projects to do also! School’s really hectic. ;_;
We went to my cousin’s wedding yesterday and it was quite pretty~ It wasn’t so long, the ceremony, and there were just a few people. And it was held in a resort. :> I loved the breeze~!

I got to play games in my uncle’s iPhone. Made me want to have one of my own. xD And I actually had a cousin who speaks fluent Japanese! *u* He uses an Osaka dialect, heehee~ <33 I really wanna learn Japanese now, since he said that it’s easy and it took him just six months. :DDD

Oh gosh, the latest Bleach chapters are pretty shocking. D8

And Detective Conan eps 191-193 are so heart-breaking, gaaaaaaaaah! ;;A;; SHINICHIIIIII---- ;;A;;

Fun fun weekend [picture taking!]

Wheee, my weekend with my classmates was so much fun! <33 We had a school program (Nutri Jingle and Mr. and Miss Nutrition) the other day. Our jingle sucked lol. xDD I got to participate in a dance (Hot Issue~<3) and we had lots of fun taking pictures! =D Even our teacher wanted to have pictures taken with her. xD Our guys did a really sleek dance too. <33 Glad Janel got to video both dances~! <33 The only sad thing is that I couldn’t be at two places at the same time. ;_; There was a cosplay gathering featuring Alodia at 3 PM on the same day as our program. I really really wanted to go because for once I knew there was an event like that to happen here (because usually I’d know there was an event AFTER it happened.) ;_; At least our classmate Vic was Mr. Nutrition, who answered “Balance diet is composed of two words: balance and diet…” LOL. We celebrated a bit with some dancin’ and a bit of more picture taking! <3 T’was really really fun. Some of my classmates started planking (which I just knew about because of them); on tables and even in the middle of the street. xDD

And so yesterday we all did our TLE assignment (interview a food service manager) by groups. Our group went to SM, also one all-guys group. I picked up Julie first(who was still in her house clothes when I got there xD), then went to Angelie’s place then proceeded to SM. The music in the jeepney was literally ear-breaking. xD It was embarrassing to go from one food outlet to another for an interview, lol. We’d push each other to do the questioning, that even the usually timid Julie once questioned for us. xDD Then we spotted the guys who were busy planking after their interviewing, which was really fun. They started planking yesterday after the program and I guess they continued it there, haha~ I tried planking too, lol. xD

Well, we ate lunch in McDonalds then went back to one food outlet who said to come back in 30 mins for their manager. The staff there were pretty laid-back, haha, and they keep pushing each other to face us just because of one question. xD Seriously, the question doesn’t even need for a manager’s answer; even I could answer it in their place; but they kept letting others answer it lolol. So yeah, we finally got some answers then proceeded to National Bookstore (met the guys there again, bought a mag, and accidentally left my membership card there lol), looked around the pet shop (the fishies would follow me hand 8D) and then to Book Sale (two Negima mangas! And another mag). We later on went to APM (a mall just across the mall we were first in, but this one’s smaller) because Angelie wanted to buy something there (the stuff there are cheaper). I started planking then Janel and Teffany did it too and even Julie did, wahahaha~

After that, we headed home, but we stopped by the bakery (for snacks and for Janel who picked up some laundry for her dad) then on a street (and planked on the ground 8D), then outside our school to do more photoshooting. xDD We did jumpshots (Teffy’s good at ‘em, heehee), different poses and faces and a bit of planking. It was a lot of fun! xDD We eventually gone home by 5 PM(and we all were suppose to go home a few hours earlier than that xDD). I thought it was still around 3:30 PM. xDD

I helped mom out a bit with the chores (she’s awesome for finishing all of our humongous laundry in a day plus cleaning 8D) when I got home and told her of our little adventure, heehee. The only thing left to do is upload the nearly 400 photos of the past days’ events. :>

Stomach Cramp..?

My stomach hurts from laughing too much these past few days. School’s been really amusing lately. Although I had some unwanted nuisances. Our school has a NutriJingle Contest tomorrow, but we only got to practice our whole routine today, haha. I also learned one whole dance today. It’s going to be fun tomorrow! Although I’d love to not join because there’s a cosplay gathering in the mall in the afternoon. The Cosplay Goddess is going to be there herself. If only the event is on Saturday… since be going with a group of classmates to the same mall to interview a food service manager for our assignment. Gaah, why does everything conflict!?

And I’m really sorry if I don’t reply. Especially to you Fluffeh-chan. I appreciated the PM you sent me on my birthday. It made me smile. :] If only I were in the right mind to think well and reply properly… hahaha~ I can’t even concentrate on my studies! D: I really don’t like radicals and fractions and memorizing stuff. ;_;

My brother’s been sick since Monday. He didn’t get to go to school for four days because of fever and diarrhea. He’s quite better now, thank God. He got thinner too so I hope he’ll gain weight soon.

I finished watching Kuroshitsuji II! I don’t know if I want to pity Alois Trancy or hate his guts. And if I like what happened to Ciel and Sebby in the end. I honestly find it disturbing. I do like the songs. Haha~I guess I should finish season 1; I’m pretty much half-way there. :>

Aaaaah, it's soooo cold lately. Not a good time to bathe. And to think two typhoons came back to back. DDD:

Well, take care minna~ <3

A shocking news...

A good churchmate of mine, Wong Tian Yu, a pilot, died from a plane crash. I can't believe he's gone now... *sigh* I actually have a crush on him, and he's really kind and funny and still young that it's really hard to believe he'd die early. I guess God's plan for him is done, and he deserves to rest now. :( I really miss him. ;___;

The very last time I saw him was during the Festival in Bacolod last October. :( I'm glad I got to dance with him then. I can't believe I'll never see him again. ;____;

Arigatou for the gifts~! <33

I got nearly 40 messages because of the gifts. xDD


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