A mad, frustrated artist easily obsessed over fictional things and British actors. I like music and movies and doggies and pastry. I'm not really shy, but I'm really bad with conversations and socializing in general. Makes you wonder why I took up Journalism in the first place. I have a thing for scarves and coats and I wish the weather would permit me to wear them all the time.

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Whew, exams~

Just to clear things up, it wasn't my classmates' fault! It was mine... it's just the way they scolded me about it, that was what bugged me. ;P

Anyways, Our first monthly exams are done! I really hate Civics! Dx But I got perfect in Physics, yay~! <33 I don't know about the other exams though. xPP

But I was pretty laid-back, just re-watching Detective Conan movies, studying only a bit~ haha~ I really love all the movies I have seen! I wanna see the Full Score of Fear and the other ones too. AAAAH CONAN~! <33

Oh yeah, I started reading Magic Kaito the other day! It actually took me around 2 hours to read all of it, except for the last 4 chapters. :> KAITO KID SUGOOOOI~! <333

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O yeah, tomorrow is my otanjoubi~ <3 I have plans, haha~ <333



Yesterday was DEFINITELY one of the worse days of my life! Just because a few classmates visited… Long story, but they really destroyed my day, taking away every bit of happiness I’m trying to make. ;__; It was my first time to cry hard in a public bathroom. I forced myself not to cry, to smile, even if it’s just forced, do something that will make me happy, but they keep on rubbing my mistake to my face! IMy eyes hurt from all the crying. D:

Depressing stuff aside, mama’s Canon 1100 EOD is so amazing~! <33 The shots are really great! It makes me wanna be a photographer~


Yeah, and I’m listening to K-pop songs desu~ <333

Next week will be...

My new obsession is, ta-ta-ta-dahn! Meitantei Conan! <3 I’m putting it back to my top 10 anime. xD

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Kaito Kid~! <33 I haven't caught him on the anime, but he's definitely amazing in the movies!

The truth is, I started to love that anime a few years ago and would watch it on TV whenever I get the chance. :> I got to see around 90 episodes that Dad got and let me see, and some on TV. I’m gonna try reading it on manga (around 700 chapters! D8)~!

Oh yeah, I can still say it’s been stressful and rather depressing, my life, but school can be so much fun, and watching 9 Meitantei Conan movies and two koreanovelas on TV makes me have a reason to be happy. xD And I have my doggies to accompany me. <333

It’s gonna be our First Monthly Exams next week too, *le sigh* so I have to study harder! And we have Nutri Jingle practices too. DD: But tomorrow, there’s gonna be a triple birthday party! The celebrants are two of my uncles and me. :> My birthday is right after the exams. I wish for once my birthday would fall on a non-school day. ;w; But usually, I get sick on my birthday (for some reason, but it happened to me more or less three times!) so there’s a possibility I’ll be absent on that day. =D

Sa te, wish me luck for the examu desu! <3

Ah, I almost forgot, Otanjoubi Omedetto Kurosaki Ichigo! :> I remembered this morning, haha~

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To sum things up, July 1 was a blast, with the disco (I went wild, haha~) and the cooking contest and also me with Teffany in the poster-making contest (it sucks but a lot gone ‘wow!’ while I was drawing flippin’ fast because of the limiting 30-minutes) aaaand these past few week this new friend of mine is head over heels over a female classmate, our tsundere and it’s really cute although he’s depressed a lot because of it. I (quietly) relate a lot to that. And I’ve been playing iDate a lot recently. So you can blame that if I consume my internet time on that instead of you guys, haha~

We had this heart-to-heart-sort-of talk, our class and our sub teacher (who is also the new principal, yayz!) and it had me cry because of what she said about how far we’ve all gone as a class but still some of us are all aloft and would gossip on each other (I swear to you, I have no contribution on talking behind people’s backs or such) and then we have this one classmate who seemed everyone hates (but not really all of us, like me) and he also hates all of our guts and even said we’re all plastic. Oh wait, I shouldn’t have let this out, delete!

You heard nothing. ‘kay? ^_____^;

UWEEE, SKIP BEAT IS SO CUUUTE, I LOVE REN! xD His manager is especially cute (he’s a megane heehee~ <33) Shou’s funny and MOGAMI KYOKO HAS GUTS, YEAH!! <3333

I recommend Skip Beat. It’s disappointing the anime cut off the story! So I must resort to the manga. ((I WANNA SEE REN’S PORTRAYAL OF THAT CHARACTER HE’S PLAYING TOO! <33))

Oh yeah guys, I’m fond of sketching girls! 8D Seriously, if before it’s all ISHIDAISHIDAISHIDAISHIDAINOUEISHIDAISHIDA, but I think I have a general thing now! <33 So yes, I love to draw girls mostly with curly hair, clothes (on them of course! xD), shaded nose, purty eyes aaaaand more girls. xD And of course, fan art. <3 ISHIDAAAA FOREVER STILL, MWAHAHA.



I miss you guys, been too busy, will update later on. D: