AlexaClyne is a walking paradox and a frustrated artist who is easily excited by fangirl-worthy things... and dogs. She loves to have soundtracks to spice up her life and imagine herself in the movies/TV shows she has seen and loved. She is shy yet outgoing (a paradox, exactly), but can be anxious in social situations. She thought she wouldn't fit in the degree she took (Communication) but fell in love with it because she does enjoy writing and producing films or advertisements after all. She has a thing for scarves, long-sleeves and coats and wished that tropical weather would permit her to wear them the time.

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I miss you guys, been too busy, will update later on. D:

Yoho, yoho, a stressful life for me~

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School’s been hectic and stressful. We’re gonna do a role play (did the script myself) then there’s this munchkin selling business for TLE and tons and tons of assignments. PE class is pretty fun. I like my MAPEH teacher. Also our adviser. <3 These two new classmates are pretty fun too. xD Really good at making us laugh lol. AND GAH I WANNA SEE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1. Then I’ll watch the upcoming Part 2 on screen. GO HARRY!! xD I’m excited to see what will happen to Snape, hee~

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^makes me laugh everytime lol! xDDDD

Honestly guys, I’m pretty alright being away from the computer and the internet. It pretty much consumed me before, barely did anything because of it. And I haven’t drawn one serious thing yet still!! Stuck with sketching on lined paper (on my notebooks and paper lol)

My mom’s birthday’s coming! I plan on making her a portrait or a card or buy her something. Well, I made her a sketch. I do have money. Which I plan on buying the POTC Trilogy I saw in the mall. Or the Harry Potter books. <33 And to top it all, I’m sick. My dad is too, and mom too, so we went to the doctor. Dad has pneumonia. D8 My cough’s reaaaaally hard and my throat feels sore and my chest hurts. I might have my check-up on Monday so I might be absent on that day. HEE. But honesty I don’t wish to skip class. But well, health comes first, aye? <3

OH YES, we saw Green Lantern! IT WAS PWNSOME. I love the effects a lot and there’s a possibility of a second movie so I’m gonna wait for that too~!! AAAAND I SAW KUROSHITSUJI II EPISODE ONE! I should finish the first season first though lol xD

Same message still same; I won’t be online much. Only once a week/every 2 weeks, depends. DDDD:

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I actually do this sometimes in class lol 8D


And it resulted to me getting a sore throat, cough, runny nose, body aches and tiredness. It's only been a week since we started school! D8

I got addicted with Harry Potter lol. I blame my bestie. Now, we would go Wingardium Leviosa and Alohomora during class like idiots. xDD I NEED TO BUY GOBLET OF FIRE AND ORDER OF THE PHOENIX NEXT


First day of class~!

First day of class wasn’t so bad. It was kinda boring, yeah, I got seated between this guy I had a crush on before (who wore the t-shirt I gave him lol) and the guy who once had a crush on me. lol

Our teacher was nice, and our MAPEH teacher’s pretty good. :> Our room’s so hot that I’d go to the spot where the only fan is. I hope the center ceiling fan gets fixed tomorrow.

Actually, we didn’t have classes in Monday. Figures the holiday on Sunday was moved. I watched the three POTC movies, Treasure Planet, Tarzan and The Tourist. :DD

I’ll report me dreams if I remember ‘em. I dreamt of Jack Sparrow, twice. And this one dream was scary but I don’t really remember why. xP
I’ll reply comments when I’m completely free. D:


Tatay (my grandpa) was brought to the hospital last night. He got in an accident. He got a black eye, lots of bruises and scrapes but he can still stand. I’m pretty relieved he didn’t get any serious injuries. We immediately went to hi...

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