A mad, frustrated artist easily obsessed over fictional things and British actors. I like music and movies and doggies and pastry. I'm not really shy, but I'm really bad with conversations and socializing in general. Makes you wonder why I took up Journalism in the first place. I have a thing for scarves and coats and I wish the weather would permit me to wear them all the time.

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I'm gonna be a college student!

Everything's going well for me. So far. <3

I thought we didn't have money but we managed to watch The Avengers last May 5th! IT WAS TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS! SO EPIC AAAAAHH!! I wanna watch it again, hee.

Aaaand.... I GOT ENROLLED TODAAAAY! :DD My course is AB Journalism. And I have nothing to pay for the first semester! 8D But I'll have to maintain grades in the following semsters/years if I want a 100% free tuition. <33 This valedictorian will do her best to live up to her title. xDD;

I took the Entrance Exams yesterday (I was cramming the night before, thinking it would be hard lol. ) and I got a score of 111. It's my IQ score I think? I'm above average anyhow, so, lol. 8D

Our classes will be on June 4. OHMAIGOSH I'M GONNA BE IN COLLEGE!!! *w*

I hope I won't be too busy with uni life. ;_____;

Oh yeah, I saw The Legend of Korra as well. OH MY THE ANIMATION. EVERYTHING IS JUST BEAUTIFUL OMGOMG. I will not say anything to spoil anyone, only that Korra is amazing and Bolin is so cute and Mako is just bamf. <33

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well too. I'm not as active in theO as I was before but I met tons of awesome people here so... thank you! ;w;


For some reason I have been looking forward to May. xD

I wanna watch The Avengers but we have no money so I have to wait... orz;;

But I have the summer camp & family reunion to look forward to! *u* And I still have to take entrance exams and enroll for college. Classes starts next month! Q____Q; OH GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GONNA BE IN COLLEGE!! ;AAA;

I'll be taking Journalism. ♥ I look forward to the classes! *3* But I'm also nervous about ittt! Dx I act stupid most of the time so I'm not sure of myself! D:

And I read a lot of mangas lately~ Giri Koi is sooo cute! And Koko ni Iru Yo nearly made me cry lol. It's so lovely~ And Shouri no Akuma is so fun! xD The art is just amazing! *3* And I wanna catch up with Detective Conaaaan! ;A;

I started watching B Gata H Kei too. They seem to have left out Yamada mastur-- you know. xDD OH GOODNESS, EPISODE 4 IS EPIIIC! xDDD I LOLed sooo much!! xD

And gosh, BBC's Sherlock IS. TOO. AMAZIIIING ! It's just brilliant! I LOVE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH <333

I tried to draw ShinConan fan art since it was May 1st yesterday but everything that comes out of my hand is poop! D8<

External Image

A sketchy chibi-ish Shinichi.Sorry for such a stupid sketch. xD

And so I have graduated.

And I tell you to look over here to see the whole of what happened. With pictures. ♥ And you will see ugly me. In a toga. And that hat thingy. And there's sushi! 8D


I need to make a graduation speech.


And... I'm the valedictorian. AND I NEED TO MAKE MY GRADUATION SPEECH. D8

I broke down in tears two days ago while trying to make one (mom gave me guidelines that she found online and even a speech as an example by a valedictorian in some school somewhere lol) because I felt it was such huuuuuge pressure already. ORZ;

I really wish I was just the salutatorian. 8D

It's reaaaally pressuring, this valedictorian thingy. =3=; People will expect great things from you and such and such. I only want to become an artist or a photographer. Really, I don't have big plans, sooo~ Usually you expect valedictorians to be BIIIIG in the future, like a CEO or entrepreneur or something that requires leadership and can handle tons of responsibilities.


Please pray for me. >___<

Anywaaaay, AAAH I FINISHED THE FINAL PROBLEEEM (Sherlock Holmes)! 8DDD I already knew he didn't die then since I already read The Empty House before that because it was in the first Sherlock Holmes book that I bought (yet The Final Problem wasn't in there =3= ) but I still felt the paaaaain. AAAH DR. WATSOOON! I feel for him theeeeere. And when Prof. Moriarty and Holmes were face to face I was liek "AAAAAH THE INTENSITYYY! 8'DDD" and it was all just exciting. >3<

If I finish all the stories I might try watching the BBC Holmes. 8D

Aaaaah, I can't wait to watch Detective Conan season 8~~ ♥

And I started watching Idol M@ster. :> It's quite a cute anime~~ ♥

Final Exams + NAT + Graduation!

This month's probably my busiest. xD; Our Finals are starting tomorrow (D8) and the NAT (National Achievement Test) is this Friday and it's our Finals again on Monday. But nothing much to do after that. :D But I plan to apply for a part-time job as an English teacher (teaching Koreans~~ ♥) right after the exams. Then it's our Graduation this 30th of March~!! QvQ

We're still trying to finish our requirements for your Clearance plus NAT reviews all the time (so barely any time for Finals reviews OTL;;; )


Yet I had time to finish the K-On! manga and City Hunter. xDDDD;;;

So now you know why I'm barely around. xDDD