Ishida-kun, you're just so....

*clears throat* I swear, I am bad at these.... but I did my best. *smiles*

When it comes to these things, I suck pretty badly. Confessions & letters are not my thing, but if it’s for you, there’s nothing I can’t bring. Cowardice & shyness overcomes my confidence, since this makes my heart so tense. Yet hopefully, I can get to tell you such, how much my heart wants you very much.

Ishida-kun, you’re just so breathtaking. You are everything of a man I have dreamt of. You’re the ideal man my heart has longed for. There’s nothing else I can look for.

Words can’t describe how much I look up to you. The way your deep blue eyes shine makes my heart melt. You’re calm voice makes my knees weak. You render me speechless in every move you make. I can only gaze when you handle a situation in a manner so composed & so well. I lose control when I see you; you make me squeal without me noticing. I couldn’t contain my happiness each time I hear your name or get a glimpse of your face. You make my cheeks red when my thoughts are full of you. People think it’s foolish, but I don’t care because I like you. I always think of you, everything about you. Your calm personality, your amazing skills, you’re clever mind, your attractive looks, your composed voice. Every detail of you, I find it amazing. I think it’s crazy, I know, since you’re someone I know I could never have. Yet still, I continue falling; my heart continues on pounding. I don’t know if my words are making sense, but all of these out simple, it’s just ‘I like you Ishida Uryu’. ♥


*blushes a lot*