Sweet 16~ <33

Arigatou everyone who greeted me~! <33333 I appreciate it! :DDD

LOL Kira-chan, A RL Uryu would kill me. xDDD

I’m sixteen~!! 8DD

But I still act like I’m… ten. Heehee~

I drew Kaito Kid! :D

(will upload full drawing later on xD)

I’m too tired to make a decent background though. But I worked hard on him! Kaito Kid-sama~! <3333 I already did lots of sketching of him lately already (haha) and also Ran and Shinichi and Conan. <3

Hahaha, seems all I talk about is Meitantei Conan recently, eh? :P Ahh, I have a quiz for everyone! <3 Try if you can answer it~ First one to get the right answer gets a gift~! <333

“After a night duty, the guard told his boss not to go in a plane trip because that night he dreamt that a tragedy will happen. The boss immediately canceled his trip. The next day, the plane really crashed and no one survived. So the boss thanked the guard, gave him a bonus and fired him.

Why did the boss fire the guard?”

On my birthday, we stayed at home mostly, watched some Conan movies, drew Ran and Shinichi, then I went out with my brother! We first went to SM, went to the bookstores, bought a Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, two magazines~, ate a shawarma, fresh fruit salad, bought brownies and a mango shake~ Then we went to Crown Regency and went to the Club Ultima Library and read Sherlock Holmes~ I’m at chapter 5 of The Hound of the Baskervilles. It nice right. :> Sherlock Holmes is a pretty interesting character. xP

And theeeen my parents came to pick us up and we went back to the mall. We ate at Pizza Hut’s, was given a choco cupcake as a birthday treat from Pizza Hut, had a pizza and some fries then went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!!! <33333

I SWEAR IT WAS AWESOME. IT PWNED. Even though brownout cut off the movie for a while, LOL. xD I clung on my dad a lot, lol. xD Gosh, I wanted to cry in a few scenes. GOSH SNAPE! >A< Imma gonna read the books! :DDD Waaah, I can’t believe it’s over, the movie. ;w;

We finished the movie around 11:40, and got home late. :D And I became absent the next day too. Hahaha~

That’s pretty much what I did on my birthday. We didn’t have cake or ice cream, because I didn’t want to (it’s pretty too traditional xD) and just wanted to see Harry Potter as a birthday treat. We might have some goodies later. I actually wanted to buy this Detective Conan plushie (TOO ADORABLE I SWEAR KYAAAAAAA) in Toy Kingdom (there was also a K-On! plushie set, all four of them, without Azusa but they were so cuuuute~!) but they’re really expensive. ;;___________;; And at BookSale, there were other good titles, but I only bought Yu-Gi-Oh. Hahaha~ I wanna buy Negima too! Also School Rumble. DD: If my favorite mangas were there, I’d buy them without any hesitation! xD