Stomach Cramp..?

My stomach hurts from laughing too much these past few days. School’s been really amusing lately. Although I had some unwanted nuisances. Our school has a NutriJingle Contest tomorrow, but we only got to practice our whole routine today, haha. I also learned one whole dance today. It’s going to be fun tomorrow! Although I’d love to not join because there’s a cosplay gathering in the mall in the afternoon. The Cosplay Goddess is going to be there herself. If only the event is on Saturday… since be going with a group of classmates to the same mall to interview a food service manager for our assignment. Gaah, why does everything conflict!?

And I’m really sorry if I don’t reply. Especially to you Fluffeh-chan. I appreciated the PM you sent me on my birthday. It made me smile. :] If only I were in the right mind to think well and reply properly… hahaha~ I can’t even concentrate on my studies! D: I really don’t like radicals and fractions and memorizing stuff. ;_;

My brother’s been sick since Monday. He didn’t get to go to school for four days because of fever and diarrhea. He’s quite better now, thank God. He got thinner too so I hope he’ll gain weight soon.

I finished watching Kuroshitsuji II! I don’t know if I want to pity Alois Trancy or hate his guts. And if I like what happened to Ciel and Sebby in the end. I honestly find it disturbing. I do like the songs. Haha~I guess I should finish season 1; I’m pretty much half-way there. :>

Aaaaah, it's soooo cold lately. Not a good time to bathe. And to think two typhoons came back to back. DDD:

Well, take care minna~ <3