goodbye 2012, hellooooo 2013!

It feels more like Christmas Eve than New Year's Eve in our home, ehehehe

Booyah! Goodbye 2012, Helloooo 2013!

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2012 has been an awesome year for me. A very busy one, with a lot of ups and downs. It's been a blast. I graduated from HS, got into college, met new friends (online and in real life), got in the school publication, did a lot of things that I couldn't possibly remember all of them--- it was eventful.

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I discovered and rediscovered a few fandoms this year, like BBC Sherlock, Legend of Korra, The Avengers, Young Justice, Teen Titans; just to name a few. C: I've been into Detective Conan the most of the year as well. :D

Artwise, I've done a lot of experimenting, self-discovery and all that crap that caused me a lot of frustration and style inconsistency. I've been hard on myself, although it's been more of because I didn't have the time to concentrate on making art, and that I make a lot of mistakes that I find hard to change because I have been used to it.

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But I know that I've been improving. C: I don't exactly aim for perfection, but I do want to make quality art.

/shuts herself before she gets all mushy or something

And I thank you all for the love, the patience, and support! I really appreciate every comment, gift, +heart and +sub! I practically grew up in theO, so thank you THANK YOU for raising me! :* ♥ I've been a bad member because I'm barely here because of dA, but I will always come back here whenever I could. :'D

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/noooow she's done it. she got mushy.



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