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Hello Otaku! Welcome to The Roadhouse, the gathering place for fans of ghosty carnage and your Supernatural home on TheOtaku. The CW's Supernatural is not an anime. That said, if you like anime, you'll probably like this. Classic Rock, Awesome Car, Salt, Some Exceptional Sharp Shinies, Two Hot Brothers, and Some Serious Ghosty Carnage.

This world plans to write sum ups of every episode as they come. So be prepared for spoilers. This also means any jokes, theories, or gushings are welcome here. After all, these ARE the two most glompable guys on TV. And, you know, the actresses aren't bad either. We guess.

Some Supernatural News: Supernatural, now in it's fourth season, finally has offical merchandice! Like posters and mugs and things. Some of us have only been waiting... THREE YEARS!!

Haven't seen Supernatural yet? It's goal is to be "a horror movie every week." I personally like it for the constant, lovable characters and the intelligent plot. The premise is thus: When their father goes missing, Sam and his big brother Dean (who haven't spoken for a while) are forced to depend on eachother as they follow their father's last known footsteps. Their father is a hunter of all things urban legend.

"Saving people, hunting things, the familly buisness!"

And that is just what they do, come death or demons, ghosts or wendigos, Hell or high waters, and just about everything you can think of. Actually, we haven't seen high waters yet...

Any self respecting Otaku is invited to see if they don't LOVE this series. We personally promise it has some of the best spontaneous human combustions you have ever seen.

Then, when you've seen it, come tell us what you think! Spin some theories. Draw some stuff! Settle that endless argument: Who's hotter, Sam or Dean? Heck! John or Yellow-Eyes? Cass or the impala?

So, all you hunters, monsters, ghosts, demons, and angels out there,we want to hear from you!

Because We Can

Yes, if this were Blu it would be much more artfully written, have a cooler title and lots of awesome, point-pushing gifs. But it's not. Sorry. :(

Ok, so this is only sorta, kinda really about Supernatural. But it's about as good as I'm going to get until until I catch up. Almost there. So afraid.

This is a very late introduction to our newest: meet Misha.

No, he's not not the smartest looking dog. Probably because he's not the smartest dog. At all.
But he will be a zombie-fightin' dog by the time we get done with him! He's already got the advantage: low zombie desirability. And he likes to run up behind you and attack the back of your knees. Becaise that's about as high as he can reach. Which is bad news for zombies given that he's a Great Pyrenees and he's going to be able to reach a lot higher soon. Bad news for us too if we don't manage to train him sooner. So that's Misha.... When he gets older we're gettin' him a trenchcoat. Again, Mr. Collins, I am so sorry.

In actual news:External Image

LOOK FAMILIAR? (Why they couldn't draw a kama, I don't know.)
Supernatural: The Animation (featuring the voice of Padalecki and, near the end, Ackles) is out in America. For about $35-40. I tried watching the pilot online, only got halfway through due to my lame connection. But I was impressed with Ecki's transition. He keeps the character of Sam but translates it into the anime style, along with all the pointless "hmms", "huhs" and "eaghs!" because apparently anime people can't think silently. Now, if I am correct, Acky only voices Dean in the last two episodes.
Dean's alternative voice is, I'll be honest, not so impressive. While Ackles does make a voice for Dean in the actual series, the animation mimic is a bit exaggerating, though I suppose that's what cartoon's are for. It just sounds a lot more over the top next to Ecki's regular voice, which for an anime, is a little understated. Not to mention,, Dean is now a New Englander. Yup, all anime tough guys translate with a Boston, Jersey, or New York accent and Dean is no exception. I'm not sure why Acky couldn't do the whole series, both actors were flew out to Japan for recording and a mini introductin to, I believe, every episode. Probably busy being married and having a life, though so would be Ecki in that case. Either way, though I haven't heard Ackles as Dean, I have heard that he was great in Batman, so I'm sure this won't be a problem. And while the animation doesn't do either of them justice, you get used to it. No concept of masculine jawline.

External Image
(I still can't believe they put Sam in skinny jeans. XP ew.)
As for the story, I understand that it's basically season 1 only different. XD
If any of you have seen the animation enogh to give an accurate review (unlike me) go for it!

p.s. yes my shirt is awesome.X)

Supernatural Challenge ending soon

Just a reminder that the Supernatural Fan Art Challenge will be ending in just over two weeks, 7/15. Yes, I am shamelessly promoting this challenge because this is my Supernatural world so I can do that. Nya. XP So, yah.

And just so his entire post isn't just me, here are some random things to look at.

External Image by lupinemagic on DA

by CWSupernatural

The Devil Came From Kansas - Season Finale

Okay. First, I wanna say that I don't just ask questions on here for the sake of something to post. I'm really interested to hear other theories. So anyone who reads this, I ask you to comment your thoughts on the past 1 or 2 posts. School is over for most of you now, so no excuses. I really want to hear your theories. Otherwise this place is pretty boring.

Back on topic:
Okay. Well, that was something. I don't know if that was the originally intended ending of the series, or if an extra season gave them a chance to play with it a bit. I mean, if I were them, I would be sorely tempted to kill for good one if not both brothers for a series finale.
Now we start off with a fairly sappy scene. Dean has been getting quite sappy lately, thoroughly throwing his "no-chick-flik-moments" policy far out the window. But if any tv guys have a right to be sappy, it would be those two. What other tv apocalypses have there been? Angel and his crew had no right to whine, Those of them that weren't already dead were fairly suicidal. Besides, the Winchester's situation faaaaarrrrr outdoes theirs. As far as I'm concerned, these guys can cry and angst as much as they want, even if it's not that fun to watch. Especially since they were both roped into yet another season. Poor Ackles just got married, probably thinking he could go back to Texas soon. Padelecki has got to be having fun with role, though. Playing the same character, that guy has roled how many different people? Meg, Lucifer, kid(whose name I just forgot), Sam by himself has got Dewey-sensitive Sam, Asylum-possessed Sam, dead Sam, evil Sam.... And he never disapoints. I've got a high respect for them both as actors. Casting got very lucky.
Sad that Nick-Lucifer is gone. That guy was good. I am actually quite happy with they're portrayal of Lucifer. I was worried when I heard they would cast for the Devil, most things just have some quippy guy who tells everyone he is pure evil. This Lucifer, he's understanding, empathetic, "here to help", a lover of beauty, and was dewy-sensitive to rival Sam (hehe, 'was'). Just a guy who's been having a bad day and knows what your going through. That's what they mean when they say "twists truth with lie." nobody is going to trust a guy with a suit and devil goatee. This is the most "accurate" version I've seen. Very smoothly done.
And while I'm at it, quick respects for the casting of Death. Julian... Richie? Or something. Love that guy's face, very good actor, always has been. Perfect Death. anyone whose seen Stephen King miniseries "Kingdom Hospital" should appreciate this guy. Very different role. XD

Ok, done with that. That was quite a pop. And they did that pretty well, too. Usually they're blood comes from just off screen. But Cas was front and center. XD I'll have to watch that episode again just for that part.

Finally the Impala gets some good stuff, been a while since they've done much with her. My mom kept asking why Lucifer and Michael just stared as Dean drove up instead of just fight. It's because that is a gorgeous car! I am going to get myself one of those if I have to steal it off set and kick a winchester out. And Dean looked terrible! I don't think anyone on that show has ever looked that bad. Kudos to make-up.

So, Theories? Dean done? Sam back? Or lucifer back? The lamp went out, so I'm guessing mosr than Sam, unless that blood did something even worse this time. How long was it between those scenes and how long is that in Hell years? Maybe the cage is like a venus fly trap and once it feels somebody it closes, and maybe Michael fell in first. I mean, wwhen they fell, it looked like Lucifer was twisting him under him. So that's my sudo theory. :D Hell is a giant venus fly trap. So, how did he get out? And why did Chuck evaporate? Tasted of Trickster. Angel, God? Give me theories.

As for next season, we have: Crowley in possession of Bobby's soul. Never saw him give it back, and he is a demon. An Anti-Christ running around... somewhere. Meg, awesome all be herself. Horsemen which we did not kill. A lost half-brother stuck in Hell with angry, war-hungry angel. Sam... Am I forgetting anything?

Ok. I'll probably watch it again and rant about something else. Until then, comments and posts welcome. Supernatural fanart challenenge in progress.
And if they don't use The Devil Came From Kansas in the next season, they are lacking. That show is practically based off that song. It's, like, Sam all over. ok. All done.

Quick Question - Ep. 100


As Zach was dying, there was a close up on Dean's eyes, with the light reflecting from Zach. I might be wrong, but it looked like it was trying to convey more than just artful cinamatography. Any theories?

On a side note, theories on why Dean was able to kill the Whore of Babylon?

AAHHHHH D8 - Latest episodes

First, I wanna apologize for the neglect. I haven't posted since the season premeir.

So Ash is really dead! I wasn't sure this entire time. You know, the whole "never trust they're dead until you see the body, and even then you can't be sure." I mean, we saw a watch. And there were things being dropped all over the place about Ash before that. "genius, but folds like a cheap suit" kind of things. I was wondering if there was more to him. And then when they didn't bring him back in the Witness episode.... I'm sad, but very happy that we got to see him again. I love Ash! X3 "I'm cool with it!"

So what are people thinking about God? Hidden message, or he really don't care?
In related subject, my dad (yah, my whole family watches this. Proves it ain't no chikflik.) was having some discomforts about they're portrayal of God and whatnot. But, I see it more of an "Angels and Demons" kind of deal. It's all fiction, it's all supposed to be fiction. There are people who have issues with the book because they think the author's serious, even after he bluntly stated it was all fiction. Kripke has talked about this too. There is no religion, that I know of, that has this kind of setup. Supernatural has made up it's own system. They're God is not the same as "our" God. Same goes for the angels and everything else. Like Ra or Zeus are different from eachother and the Christian God. Only this God and this heaven were created by a director for artistic purposes. Now, I am religious. But this is my take on the story. What do others think?

So, as far as last episode, things are switched. Sammy is almost all the way back to cute, sweet, floopy-haired Sammy. But since the beginning Sam has still been the one ready to complain and give up for a while, while Dean punched him back to reality. Now Sam refuses to give up and Dean is ready to throw in the towel. He can't do that to Sam! Dean says yes to an angel, sure. But what does Sam do after that? Heck, what does Micheal do until Sam says yes? Assignment: I want an answer to that in every reply post. That just leaves Sam all by himself waiting to break down and let Lucifer into his body. And Cass has been having to Deal with Dean since the beginning. Stuck pulling him out of hell because he sold his soul. Dealing with his disrespect. Taking on an archangel for him. Dying from taking on an archangel for him. Rebelling for him. Going back in time for him. Putting up with him trying to hook him up, get him drunk, make him deal with cellphone companies. Look what you did, Dean. Now Cass swears and drinks. You're killing the only angel you got on your side. And now after all that, he just wants to turn himself in. It's about time Cass clocks him one. I love Dean, but he's bad for everyone who hangs around him.
Also want to say, I love this show, my favorite show of all time, but I miss the earlier episodes. You could see it getting shaky after Manners past away. (RIP) We were showing the first season to a friend, he ended up watching 6 episodes that night, and 2 more in the morning. And he thought only girls watched it and only because the actors were hot.XD But, watching anything from the first two seasons resparks my SPN hype. 8D What was your favorite season/episodes?

NEWS! : Suprnatural has, I believe, been officially announced to carry on another season! Season 6. While the show was originally only planned for 5 seasons, CW don't want to let go of the only decent thing (with the only decent acting) they've had in ages. Kripke will not stay on as a director, but he is hanging around as an Exec. Producer, I think. He has hinted that he still has ideas if they really want to keep going. The actors on the other hand, sound a bit tired. When news that season 5 would be the end Ackles said he was a bit relieved. It was a lot of fun, but his home, his family, his girlfriend (now wife?) were on the other side of the continent (Texas as opposed to Vancouver). Padelecki sounded more energetic (he's just hyper, though) but said that as awesome as all this was, he thinks going now would be a wise decision. "I'd rather leave them wanting more than to get boo-ed off the stage". Nobody wanted this to ring itself dry like X-files did (as much as we loved it.) But the original CW contract was for 6 years. So there will be a 6th season. But, what the crud will it be about?! And how will this season end? Are they changing the original finale to better bridge to another season? I hope not. I can't see a way for this end clean without everyone dying.... Thoughts?
Ok. That's all for now. Last thing I wanna say is, I'm thinking about creating a fanart chalenge for the 100th episode of Supernatural, airing this Thursday. Because of the limited SPN fanbase on this site, I would love everyone who does know the show to enter. It would be anything and everything SPN related: show to behind the scenes to main characters to minor characters. Just no yaoi/yuri/sex scenes/etc... It would be 3 months so that people who are too busy with school have time to paticipate after the semester ends. I will start it tonight or tomorrow. Is anyone interested in participating?