Hi there! Welcome to my Wallpaper Organization world~ Here, you will be able to go through my stuff sorted out by series, as well as check out certain collections I made of walls that go together. ^^ I’ve basically done this for your convenience, and to make it easier on me when I’m trying to find a specific wall. Also, some things I meant to go all together, but being as I posted them at separate times, it was not the case. I plan to put features up here as well, should I get the inkling to explain in more detail just what I’d done with certain walls. ^^ Please enjoy~

Also! Those of you that follow my work, or perhaps even if you just recognize something that I’ve done: PLEASE Let me know if you see my stuff posted on other sites outside of my own accounts. ^^’ I really don’t mind so long as I am credited…but sometimes this isn’t the case and misunderstandings are created. I would truly appreciate it! <3

[[[[In the process of modifying this world <33]]]]

Ichigo's Drive

External Image

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to apologize for a layer error that was on this wallpaper! I've resolved it and am really happy that many of you told me you enjoyed seeing this wall <3 It was nice to make something fresh after so long, and while it's a bit busy, I do hope it's interesting haha

The Power of a Side Glare

Just so you can see the difference side by side, here is the before and after. If you click the picture, you can see the full version. ;)

External ImageExternal Image

Vincent-Painting process

I've seen these little gifs and I thought they were pretty interesting, so I periodically took screenshots while I was painting and made one for myself. I didn't think of doing it until after the skin was almost finished, sadly. I'll do a better process on my next work (:

External Image

Click the picture to go to the final version with textures and everything (:

New Design~

Hope you like! 8D

[Bleach] Fight

So I had this thought for an epic wallpaper with Ichigo. Don't know if it came out so 'epic' but I love it all the same. I had to share it with everyone <3

I'm sorry theO! I love you so much, but I just can't always bring myself to chop my wallpapers into standard size >~~~< It kills me, just a little. Some things are just meant to be widescreen. oTL And so, I will post those that I feel I cannot chop here, uploading them to Deviantart. Instead of hording them all to myself haha Hopefully I can get this world improved for all of you~