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Gashi! What? You’re all here to eat Sushi?! Whoohoo! I’m here with my best pals Cookie, Undatoado, and Kachi. This is Japanese and Chinese Club for all you SUSHI lovers out there! We have it all; the CHINESE TAKEOUT RESTERANTS or even going ga-ga over all that WASABI!

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[ding dong] Did any one order Chinese Takout?


In Japanese cuisine, sushi (寿司, 鮨, 鮓, sushi) is a food made of vinegared rice, usually topped with other ingredients including fish (YUMMY) and vegetables. Sushi as an English word has come to refer to a complete dish with rice and toppings; (interesting) this is the sense used in this article. The original word Japanese: 寿司 sushi, written in kanji, means "snack" and refers to the rice, but not fish or other toppings *drules*. Outside of Japan, sushi is sometimes misunderstood to mean the raw fish by itself, or even any fresh raw-seafood dishes. (...) In Japan, sliced raw fish alone is called sashimi and is distinct from sushi. MUST HAVE SUSHI!

わさび – Wasabi 寿司-Sushi にほんご- Japanese

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