Ohohoho! Hello little ones! My name is Nuriko, one of the Suzaku seven ^^.

I am now a host at Lunastarz host world. Please come take a look some time *winks*


I'm lonely again.

I miss talking to my little fan Shiphrah. It's been too long since I've heard from her.

*sulks away to find Luna* I need a hug.


Ahh, I'm so lonely lately. Everyone has something to do, and I'm just stuck roaming the streets, or the palace...

Maybe I should go and visit my brother...

The worst of luck




His majesty is just so gorgeous! *squeals*

Not that Miaka is without her beauty *sighs*

Why must I always want people I can't have?


See that little darling with the purple hair? She's my reincarnation, isn't she just adorable? Her name is Ko Reishun. And the little boy with the sword is his majesty's.

The truth

Ohohoho! Some people are confused, yes, I am a guy. I dress up like a girl, because I enjoy it. Also, when we were younger my little sister was killed in an accident. We looked a lot alike, so I thought that if I dressed like a girl, she wouldn't be gone. Her name was Korin, which is why I took that name.